My Big Boy ( 8 yrs old now) comes home from school Monday and shoots straight up stairs and into the bathroom. I thought it was odd because we have a bathroom under the stairs and no one was in it. I even said to my mom why did he go up there. She said she thought it was odd too. In a few minutes I am standing at the foot of the stairs sweeping and he comes walking down. Before I could say anything he looks and me and says just as serious as could be. Good thing I wore two pair of underwear to school today in case someone tried to steal one. I wasn’t sure I heard him right I was sure I had to of heard him wrong. He was moving his hand around as he talked. I asked him what he said, he said it again with out cracking a smile or nothing. I laughed so hard I cried. I guess he got up and put on the clean underwear I left with his clothes and half a sleep forgot to take his others off.


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