{December 27, 2013}   Just Wanted To Say

I hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas. It has been a busy week or so with getting ready for Christmas and other things I had come up I have been trying to get taken care of. I have been going to bed at 6 or 7 am sleeping a couple hours and getting up to do it all over again. Tonight I could be sleeping and can’t now. Have to much on my mind and it’s bothered me I haven’t had time to write.

We had a nice Christmas just us my mom my one sister and her family and my brother and his. The brother I don’t get along with but surprisingly it was nice we all talked and socialized. Most the time with him and his family they come in see what you got them and go after insulting people and causing a argument. But I had stop talking to them never invite them to things I have at my house or go around them. My sister had pretty much stopped talking to them or having anything to do with them either because of the way they do. I think when they had my nephews birthday they started to see that he was missing out on a lot not getting to be with his family and things and they have been better. It has only been a few weeks and one holiday we shall see if it last. Not a big loss for me if it don’t I hate that my kids can’t see their baby cousin but I won’t be treated and talked to the way that my brother and his family seemed to think they could treat people.

The kids were so excited when they got their Christmas gifts. Their great grandma gave me money to get them something for Christmas. I took it and put it with what I got and get them a tablet. The three bigger ones got them a watch and a bank. My little bitty got a bank this huge stuffed dog seen and fell in love with at the store and a couple other little things. I am going to get her ears pierced for Christmas also but didn’t have the time to take her. I took her to one of the stores a while back and the lady acted clueless and was rude. I decided I would take her to the tattoo shop where I got my tat and have it done. Cleaner to since she don’t get shots. I will probably take her once the kids go back to school. It will be a outing for me and her.

Today well I guess technically yesterday was my birthday since we are already two hours into this morning. It was just another day like most of them. Soon to be ex gave me a card with a little bit to get something and my big girl wants to do my nails. She didn’t remind me until a little bit ago when i was sending her to bed so she has to wait until tomorrow. Not really a big deal I don’t really do much for my birthday anyway. I would like to get a group of the girls together and go out on the boat again. It was a lot of fun the last time we went. But that will have to wait until I get moved.

Over all this holiday season has been pretty stress free compared to most.

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