I am so proud of my big boy (8yrs) he told me a while back he wanted a collection of Wimpy kid books because his sister had them and she didn’t want to share. I said we would see. I ended up getting him the 3 book box set of the Big Nate books instead. His sister can get over herself and share. She touches and plays with anything of the boys that she wants don’t ask or anything else. Then if they want to look at or touch something of hers she has a fit. We don’t do that in this house.

But anyway he hadn’t had them out since he open them. Then Friday we went out and they all got in trouble so I didn’t let them watch t.v all day yesterday until last night for a little bit before bedtime. At 7 pm he was just about done with the first book and by about 11 he was done with the second book. He had read both of them books. He didn’t even watch t.v when I said they could. I was shocked about that because that is his one and only thing just about his t.v.

I couldn’t believe he would sit that long and read like that. I know a year or so a go he couldn’t have sat and read them like that. He has grown up so much and come such a long way since he started school.


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