{January 10, 2014}   Broken

I am so sick of hearing my kids broke this and that all the time. Anytime something comes up broke they did it because she seen them look at it once. Then she wants it replaced. There is a list of stuff waiting to be replaced because I haven’t had $1 to buy hardly anything since she said we could stay here. Calls herself “helping” us out. All though we are the ones who have been paying for everything since we came here. All the light bill all the water bill rent every roll of toilet paper paper towels cleaning stuff and about 98% of the food.

My sister and her family lived with her for two years no one working paying nothing, she bought everything down to baby diapers and paid everything.

She tells me they let their dog put whole in the couch she did/said nothing about. Then bullies my son into saying he put one in it when i know he didn’t and insist on us having the cushion redone. To night says something about owing her a new couch. Um hello no I will have the cushion fixed that’s it. She has even let my sister take it and use it as we speak because she don’t have one and my grandma brought hers when she came. She gives it to them and don’t get it back not my fault but I’m not getting her a new couch.

Tonight they went to play a DVD father of the year hooks it up it don’t work. About two or three weeks ago I got Netflix so the kids haven’t been using the DVD player. So first thing it was they broke it we have to buy her a new one blah blah blah. Then she says that’s why they haven’t ask to watch any moves because they broke it and they know it. They didn’t want to tell anyone and get in trouble there a list of things they already broke. No they aren’t using it because they got Netflix and would rather watch it. Besides the couple movies they have here to watch in it they can probably get on Netflix.

It just aggravates me to no end. I even said to her my kids go to everyone house spend the night at others house go to parties play dates and everything else and nothing ever gets broke but because they are in your house if something gets broke they done it. It couldn’t possibly just brake or stop working because that’s what things do. Or because they sat in storage for years not being used and in the heat cold and whatever else may have gotten to it. She didn’t say anything just something about they are let to run free and left gasp in the living room alone to watch tv or play why I am in the other room doing something. What kid isn’t allowed to be in the living room or bedroom alone to play why the parents are in the house doing other stuff. Gee they are 8 and 3. It isn’t like I am down the street outside or sleeping. I am changing the baby using the bathroom cooking dinner looking across the big open bar at them. No parent sits on top of their kids watching them every second of every day. And yes at my house I will take the two little ones and take a nap and let the two older ones 8 and 10 stay up and watch tv read do crafts or just play. they are not allowed to cut anything with anything use the stove or microwave. they can get them self a drink if they need it and some chips or cookies something like that. I am right there on the other side of the wall and can hear them. They are also not allowed to answer the door or go outside for anything. If someone comes to the door they are not to even look out they are to just ignore it and let them knock.

Some nights when it is Friday or Saturday and they are out of school I will let them stay up and watch movies and play games and things until they get ready to go to bed. My kids are good kids they don’t get into a lot of trouble. The trouble they do get into isn’t major stuff it is stupid stuff like not cleaning their rooms. Not getting into stuff or breaking stuff or fighting with each other all the time. Not that they don’t fight with each other but it isn’t bad. normal kid stuff. They get up really early and go to bed by 7/8 most nights. They get to get up go to school come home do more school work get a bath and go to bed. Not a lot of time to do other things. So on the weekend if they have been good I don’t mind of they lay around the living room or family room with pillows and blankets and watch movies til they fall a sleep. But I hear what a horrible parent I am for doing things like that too. To me they are 8 and 10 they should be given a little bit of trust. If they don’t blow it then they can gain a little more down the road. They know if they do something they will lose more than just not staying up. They know I trust them and that is why they get to do somethings and that if they break that there is no more it will take a while to get it back.

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