{January 13, 2014}   The Joys Of Family

I wrote the other night about my grandma moving back in with us and how she is. Well today my mom calls me in there and tells me that my grandma has decided she is going to go home but isn’t saying when. First off I told her I am not spending time packing her stuff and taking down there. We brought it up here when they moved in and then it went back now we brought it up here again and this time she is going to have to have some of them come get it. She isn’t going to stay and I’m over this back and forth and no one doing anything.

But that means that come the first of March our rent goes to $800 it was supposed to be $400 and light bill. We been paying $500 all the lights and water plus buying anything and everything else that came in the house including food. Now we will be paying $800 plus all that if she leaves. I’m not happy about it. I let them stay with me they paid hardly anything. But also they call their self helping us out. They aren’t helping us out because if they were we wouldn’t be paying so much. I don’t mind helping out but the rent don’t go up or down because we are here. I wouldn’t mind paying the lights and water. But when we are paying everything and then can’t have anything and was lied to from the start it pisses me off.

After she told me this I didn’t say much I told her I had to get a place she wants us to stay here a couple more months if she leaves to help her and so she can work on renting her room. I don’t think we will find anything before sometime in March by the time we get our tax money. I guess we will see. But I didn’t think about it until we went to our storage today I can’t pay all that and pay for my room. There is no room here to bring stuff and I refuse to lose anymore of my stuff I have lost enough. I called and told her I can not pay everything and my storage and that the first of the month I was taking the rent part of my money and paying my storage up with it so that it will be paid the months we are there paying everything. She didn’t like it but like i told her if I move I won’t have to pay that and will have a bigger place my own place and things. If I don’t I will have the room and have to pay it and won’t be able to. She just said she knew.

I figure now it will be that she is going to stay and all this. I am still taking my money for February and paying it up. Because she could leave at anytime. I will tell her that if she don’t leave then I will give her and extra $100 to pay toward it or I may must tell her that I will give her $400 when I move if she don’t go and is still here and we don’t end up paying all of everything. But I can’t pay her because she is here and then her up and leave.

My mom has been sick and hurt her back now she needs both knees replaced from where she fell down so she hasn’t been able to work. If she hadn’t lied and we hadn’t come over here when we did she wouldn’t have been able to keep this place. If we all leave now she won’t. She don’t want to go stay with us where ever we go because she don’t like the area where I want to move. I don’t know what she is going to do but they better figure it out I hope to have something by the middle of March still anyway. If I can work it how I want I will be able to get me and the kids something with out anyone staying with me. Then father of the year can stay here with her and I can be done with it. It may sound harsh but after all the shit she has done and the way she dose I can’t help it anymore.

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