I have been trying for a few weeks or more to take my poor old truck in and get the oil changed. The one day it was way too cold to go out with the kids and after that I didn’t have money to or something came up. Yesterday father of the year got off at 4 so I left the 3 older ones with him and took the baby since she woke up before I could get a way.

I took it down to where he works to get it done because I don’t know the guys there but know others who do and they said it was ok. Besides it’s just a oil change figured they couldn’t mess it up to much. I went in and the guy was with someone. He came over I told him what I wanted and waited. In a few minutes why the other customer was doing something he took my keys and gave them to the guys to have them do it.

My friend who came and help me move the night me and RC got into it, sister in law works there she has for like 20 some years. She was still there and came out and was talking to the baby and holding her. She went to get stuff done so she could get ready to go home and I was talking to the other guy about putting a motor or tranny in a truck and things. To which he said I would probably be better off to leave it alone if it needed a motor.

I was standing there at the counter and the guy brought my keys in and gave them to him. He said something then said you know who that is don’t you? The guy said no and he told him I was Father of the years Mrs.’s I said ex we are in the middle of a divorce we haven’t been together years no. They know we live together and I am sure he told them I was his wife. He tells everyone I am his wife like everything is fine and we are just this happy little family. Then the guy I had been talking to who I have talked to before but wasn’t sure if he remembered me because it was only once or twice for just a few minutes. But he looks at me and goes oh thats right you were with RC for a while weren’t you? I said yes I was I said this is his baby. He said no I said sure is I was pregnant the day that he got the job with you and me and him went loaded his huge tool box full of tools and brought it down and unloaded it. He said I just assumed he thought she was father of the years. I said no we have not been together for a very long time like 3 years or more.

He said that RC he sure is something else and turned out to be a bad guy didn’t he. I said no I said he has a problem that he needs help with. I said he is a really good person and a great father if he would take the help he has been offered and everyone has tried to give. I told him how he found his daughter and that when he did that and went there and then got hooked back up with her mom and she had the same problems and things. He said yeah I know I paid for his ticket to go up there and everything. I said yeah I know I said I was there I said when he came home that night he told me he was done he didn’t want any of this anymore. He was shocked. I said well he has a problem and he still swears to this day that he don’t have a problem and everything. He said and he lies right to you and so senicer you believe him he makes you believe it. I said well this he can’t lie to me about I know too much I know what I found and I know what he has been doing I don’t believe for a minute he don’t have a problem.

He asked where his boys were and how they were doing. I told him he signed them up. He was floored and asked who had them. I said their mom and grandparents. He said he said how much he hated them and he didn’t want his boys to go to them and how they treated the littlest one. I said yes they did because I seen that for myself. But his new girl didn’t want them around they wouldn’t call her mommy and where bad. She made him get rid of them. I said funny he hated Paul and his wife and his ex wife and didn’t want them to have the boys. I said we couldn’t make a move without their approval when we were together. I said that and moving were our only problems. He asked where he was I told him how he seen the baby when she was 4 weeks old said he was moving getting away from her and would get a hold of me about the baby and the next thing I knew he split with her and went back to Tenn. They are in Knoxville now.

Something was said about father of the year. I said yeah when RC came home and did what he did put me and my kids out in the street and me 15 weeks or so pregnant I had to go back to my house I had given up and by then my ex had moved back in it and put a stop to the divorce. I said we are only living in the same house because of circumstances and so that I can get everything taken care of get him to get this divorce over with.

I’m sure the shop was a buzz when I left and today. See that is where RC had just started working not long before we split up. He worked shop and towing so he knows a lot of the guys and still talks to one now and then. Then when father of the year needed a job and things my friends husband the one who sister works there got him this job there. He helped RC get the job there too. They all know each other and things as well. Oh well I am sure he told them a pack of shit just like he told everyone else about me. I am sure father of the year tells them how we are still together just like he thought we were.


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