{January 30, 2014}   Go Directly To Jail

Very few people know (other than any who have driven behind me) I have no tag insurance or drivers license. I havent had insurance since The end of October licence since the end of November and a tag since the end of December. I couldn’t pay my insurance when we were moving. I thought once I got moved I would have money to fix it before they got my license I didn’t. I then didn’t have money to do both and couldn’t get the tag because I didn’t have insurance. I am waiting to file taxes to get it. Because now in order to get it is going to cost me $525 give or take a couple of dollars.

They called told me my sons bus broke down said I would have to pick him up and bring him the rest of the week. I dropped him off this morning no problem.

I picked him up and had to stop at the store to get a few things we needed. When I got in the turn lane a car got behind me. I noticed right a way it was a cop. I was hoping he wouldn’t see my tag. We turned i went on up the road instead of turning in my normal spot hoping he would turn there since the police station is right there. But I knew he wasnt going to and he was going to pull me. I got to my turn and turned sure enough he followed. I got about block up he put his light on. I pulled into the middle turn lane put my flashers on and made my way around the curve so I could pull down a side street off busy road.

He came up said he pulled me because of my tag and asked for my license and insurance. I just told him I didn’t have it. He asked I didn’t have it on me where it was or if I didn’t have it at all. I just told him it was no good. course he wanted to know why and all that. I told him. He took my name and things and went back to his car for a while. Then came back and wanted my moms name. I had told him i was staying with her and we lived the next block away. He come back told me I needed to get it home and park it. He said I needed to at least get a tag so I wouldn’t get pulled over anymore until I got the other two things fixed.

Then he tells me he is supposed to take my tag but he isn’t and if I get caught again they would take it impound the truck take me to jail and call dcf/cps. I now have to keep my son home tomorrow hope his dad can take him Friday. And get someone to haul me all over to take care of all this. Its going to cost me about $525 by time it’s all said and done. It really sucks my daughters bday is tomorrow I had plans I can’t if I don’t get this done. Now I will have no money for a month really sucks. At least it will be done.

Wish I could just sneak for couple weeks but I live a block from the police station my big light blue suv isn’t hard to see.

I really think he must have told them my mom was with me and driving to not have writen me a ticket warrening or anything. I dont know why else he would of ask for her name and run her.

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