{February 1, 2014}   Birthday Blues

I posted Major Fail  the other week about not doing something for my daughters birthday last year. I wanted to do something fun something nice she would enjoy and could bring her friends along. I decided to call the lady we know with the horses and asked her if she would like to do a birthday party and how much she would charge me. She said yes all the kids were going to get to ride the horses around the big pasture in the front. Then she was going to let birthday girl ride independent in the field and give her more time to ride. Let her show what she has learned and how good she does.

It has been raining here for 3 days and nights now. It was supposed to let up today and it hasn’t. I told father of the year even if it did now it wouldn’t have time to dry out out there. I was going to call when I got down with stuff and ask but when I got to stop for a minute or two she had already sent me a message saying they had to cancel all he riding and lessons and that everything was under water. She said we could come out they could pet the horses and things but wouldn’t be able to ride. But she also offered to do it next weekend I told her ok lets just do it next weekend. I know the kids will love it and have a blast. I want them to have the chance to ride if they want to.

I wasn’t going to tell her what we were doing for her birthday but decided to go ahead and tell her tonight since it got canceled and we have to wait now. She wasn’t as excited about it as I thought she would be. But I know she will love it when she gets there and starts riding again.

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