{February 3, 2014}   My Nightmare

Ok so I will give you all a laugh on me and tell you the nightmare I had last night. I dreamed we went to court and sat there until everyone else was done and gone even though we were supposed to be first. They had this big wedding right there in the court room. It was all I could do to keep from jumping up and yelling don’t do it in the middle of it. But I didn’t I behaved myself. They did some other stuff I can’t even remember it all but it was like a 3 ring circus in there. Then the judge comes over to where we were sitting at this table and says he can’t do anymore divorces for the day because he has to put these three little postal looking stamps on it and his little wet pad to wet them on had dried up and stopped working. I freaked out I was telling him just lick them give them to me I would lick them and stick them he wouldn’t have to. I was telling him to take the pad and wet it in the sink what ever he had to do just do it and make it happen. He kept saying we would just come back I told him I had come back I been waiting forever to get this done. I went off and was arguing with him telling him off and everything else.

Funny how the mind works even when we are sleeping and the things we will dream.

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