{February 7, 2014}   Do Guys Really Think

I have been talking to this guy online he is a friend of friends. I thought he was someone else when I first started talking to him. But then figured out he wasn’t. But we have been talking anyway. He’s one of them I know of we have been the same places at the same time never really talked. We have here and there comments online that’s it really. When I figured out it wasn’t who I thought it was I didn’t want to be rude so we just been talking. His girlfriend is a teacher at the daycare my youngest went to for a little bit last year before I had the baby. But I really don’t know her either.

Anyways we have only been talking for a week and he has already made it very clear that he is not married. That he did that once and wasn’t doing it again. That this is only his girlfriend and that they have been together off and on for 8 years. Sometimes he just wants to give up and walk a way even though that is probably bad to say. I just said no not bad to say but there isn’t much you can’t work out if both people want it to last and really work at it. He said yeah he knows.

We were talking about the kids I said something about having three boys didn’t he want to try for a girl. He made some kind of comment. I asked him if he wanted more kids he says no. But from what friends say and looking on his girlfriends page she is pregnant and going to be finding out what she is having anytime now. So that would mean she is about half way through her pregnancy. But it also seen someone said something about them and it sounded as if they hadn’t been together and just got back together. I am trying to figure out if it is his or whats going on there. I haven’t said anything to him about it yet. I am going to though. Just waiting for the right time.

I asked him a couple times what happen to his wife and who she was. He didn’t answer. Then he said he had a question so I said ok and answered him. I said now I have one why you keep ignoring mine? He finally answered me and said that he caught her cheating on him 5 times. I said oh 1 would have been enough for me. He said I guess I was stupid. He still never told me who she was.

He made it clear he was interested and wants to meet me and hang out. I told him we aren’t hanging out or anything you have a girlfriend. He says it be all right. I said no it won’t I’m sure she wouldn’t like it. He says she won’t care besides we are going through a rough patch right now anyway. I said not happening. He just keeps talking. He told me how it had been a while since he got any. Talking about sex, I said well stop making her mad and everything be alright. He said why is it always the guys fault? How we could help each other out no strings attached. I said yeah not happening. Besides I have a friend and a couple standing offers if I really wanted to.

But really do guys really not think before they talk to women? What women is going to want you when you are sitting here talking to her and trying to get with her behind your girlfriends back? And she knows you have a girlfriend and are doing this behind her back. You don’t even hide the fact that your with someone. Who wants to rush right out and sleep with you when they don’t even know you? Just makes his self sound desperate and a pig.

I don’t remember having lying cheating unemployed guy who’s in trouble and almost twice my age at the top of my list or even on it when I was thinking about someone I might like to be with.

I really just don’t get guys sometimes. They clearly are thinking with the wrong head most of the time I think.

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