A great weekend! My friend who is always there for me and my kids and who has helped us anytime we need it said the other day at my daughters bday they were going away for V Day without the kids. I told her if she needed someone to watch them I would come up and do it. They had already asked someone but wasn’t sure they were going to do it. Last weekend she asked me if I still wanted to do it so I told her sure. Our kids have been asking forever since we both moved when they could sleep over together. Boy it is a job to pack 4 kids stuff for two days you need so little and so much at the sametime when taking the baby along it is insane really.

She took two of hers to her moms for the weekend they wanted to see them and spend sometime with them. Her one can be a handful by herself but I think she has learned that I don’t play and when I say something I don’t change my mind like her mom and dad. She hasn’t gave me a problem really anymore. But when we all lived by each other I took her sister home with me for about a week and she asked to come. I told her no and when she asked why I told her you don’t listen to me when I am here watching you and you laugh and think it is funny I do not let kids who behave like that come to my house and play or spend the night. Your sister is always good and dose what I ask her and she don’t laugh at me and ignore me if she gets in trouble. She kept begging please please and I didn’t back down I left her there. Since then she has been pretty good. But she has been having problems since they moved and she wanted to give her others a break from them too so she took them there.

It worked out nice I had my 10 month old two 3 year olds two 8 year olds and two 10 year olds and a 13 year old. They all played with their friend and they all wanted to play with the baby, the 13 year old helped out with all of them. They all had a blast.

We didn’t do a lot the Friday night can’t really remember what we did other than do dinner and baths. They played and played with the dog that showed up and ended up staying the night with us. As my friend and her husband walked out the door to leave this English bull dog came running up, he had been there before someone wanted to know if it was theirs. I was able to get her down and look she had a tag it had a address and phone number. The address we weren’t sure where it was they just moved there it wasn’t close there. I seen the number he called and they guy said he was out of town and wouldn’t be back until the morning. I told them if they didn’t care I didn’t she could stay on the back porch til they came to get her. So that is what we did. We all wanted to keep her she was so friendly and playfull. She didn’t have enough dog food for her dogs and it so I gave her pizza that we had for dinner she was really happy. She played with the kids through the door. I felt so bad for her she was so smelly and had fleas. I wanted to bath her but it was to cool and they picked her up before I got to the next day. We had to shuffle them all around to let her dogs out and keep them apart. The 3 year olds opened the back door and let her in and ran so they were all running through the house laughing and playing. She shot past the baby and she took off crawling after her as fast as she could go.

Saturday night was a lot of fun I think it was the best night. I took them out to play for a hour or so then we went in. Why I made dinner they got baths. Then they did karaoke and danced all around the bedroom and livingroom for hours. After that they sat up until two in the morning playing monopoly. I keep falling asleep around midnight on. I finally got up about 1:30 and told them to count their stuff who ever had the most won and to put it a way we weren’t staying up any later playing. But it was nice they all slept in until 11.

I felt so bad when we were getting in the truck to leave. My boys were telling me they didn’t want to go home they didn’t like it at home they wanted to stay there. They really don’t like it here and the way things are. My oldest ask me all the time when we are moving and having our own place. my baby boy cried when I put him in the truck and made him come. He keep telling me I don’t like your home I am staying here.

I got to get on the ball and get this paper work done so we can get out of here. I want to do it it’s just so much to figure out and I have to do it with the kids. I have to keep stopping and doing stuff and coming back. I can’t just sit and think about what i have to do and what I am filling out. I think I am going to take it to my friends this week she can help with the kids I can look it over get it done and call around to the places I need to. I really was so nice being there and not here with my mom and father of the year. Even with 8 kids to take care of it was way more laid back and relaxed. I had a good time.

It was good for my friend to get a way and just relax too. Her brother passed away in expectantly this week and she has been dealing with that and family that is less than helpful. He was out of town seeing other family of his so they have to wait for everything to be done there before they can bring him home and do anything. I really thought they probably wasn’t going because of it but her husband so no they were going she needed to get away from everything and just get her mind off of it. She has been a mess and it is starting to affect the kids. Please pray for her and her family.


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