{February 25, 2014}   Take The Money And Run

All hell has broke lose the last week and has really got me to thinking about life and the future for me and the kids. It has been a while coming I have truly gotten to the point that I really just don’t care and haven’t been holding back when it comes to stuff around here. Thursday night and Friday morning it all blew up. I went to find a motel room but with the Daytona 500 there was nothing open for the week. It was the only way I could afford to get anything was pay for the week rather and a night or two here and there. So we are still here but trying to figure out what to do by Friday before we have to pay rent again here. I really want to go get a motel room but I hate to do that to the kids. But I know they don’t like it here either other than my daughter she would stay here because she gets treated like a princess and like she is the only one here. But that’s a post in of it’s self.

I am thinking that the best thing for me and my kids as for right now and to have a better future and not end up in this same spot again is to just get out of here now why we can. I think that when tax money comes we need to take it and get out of here. We keep saying we are going to save money and go or go when school gets out this year or that and it never happens. I bought my house almost 7 years ago not to keep and live in forever but as an investment. Something to put a little work into and turn around and sell. I had $50,000 in equity when I closed on it.  If everything hadn’t of happen the way it did and we were able to put the work in it and sell it we were going to take that money and move then. We figured we would have a good amount to go somewhere start over and buy a nice place or at least pay a good amount down on one.

My mom always says she wants to go she has since we were little but never has. Every year she says she is going to go and lets go but then she never dose. My dad has always said if we find a place then he will come. I have my sister and her family and things here I didn’t really want to leave them or my grandparents either. They all say they want to go but they never do anything to go. It seems every time I think I have the money to go something happens I end up having to spend it for a car or to fix on or on bills and don’t have it. Father of the year would come up with some excuse not to go.

I been talking to father of the year and I really don’t feel like I have anything worth staying here for anymore other than friends and I can’t stay because of friends. Because they can up and do who knows what at the drop of a hat depending on what changes  in their life. I can come back and see them and they can always come see me. They are more than welcome anytime and can stay with me. I have hardly talked to my sister the last couple years and we had it out a while back because the only time you hear from her anymore is when she calls and says can you give me a ride now to where ever. Then gets mad if you don’t drop everything and do it. My mom I am just done with and over she makes it miserable and impossible to live with or even want to live close too. I use to not care if she wanted to move somewhere where we went. But honestly anymore I don’t want her to live anywhere close to me. She is another one who uses’s all the time. I am tired of being used and treated like shit by everyone. It’s sad to say that it is family who are the ones who are the worse and do it all the time. I use to hate the idea of my kids not growing up with family around. I had all my family on my moms side and my step dads side around loved it. But our family has not been close and I hardly talk to any of them at all other than the ones that want to use and cause problems and that is the only reason I hear from them. They want something or they are causing problems. I would rather my kids not have their family around than to grow up to be like them.

I would like to wait until school is out in May but I am having such problems here with things and with my daughters school that I am really thinking of going the beginning of April. If I withdraw her and tell them we are moving the days she is not there won’t count against her. I can take her and put her back in school when we get there. I hate to take my son out and normally would wait until the end of the year. But if we decide to do this we need to do it right now and it is going to be better for everyone in the long run. It is only about 6 weeks of school that will be left, maybe 8 or 10 where we end up. That will let them get use to things a little and meet some kids before summer starts and they know no one. Let them feel the school out before started brand new the next year as well. If it wasn’t so close and only a few weeks left I wouldn’t do it that way. I may even just home school them the last month. I have to talk to them and decide.

I don’t plan to tell anyone what we are doing until a few days or week before we go. Once we know for sure we are going and at that point it don’t matter what anyone says or dose I’m not changing my mind or staying here if that is what we decide we are doing. I know my mom will have a fit because she wants to get out of here to so she says still. I said the other day I would like to just get my money and leave now and forget it all. She said then she wouldn’t have no money to go on then. I just didn’t say anything to her. Her and my grandma are staying together they could go. My grandma gets her SS and retirement and rents are a lot cheaper than what she is paying here most places we are looking. But they are not going to be staying with me or me with them.

I told father of the year we wait we are never going to have money to go. We can’t find decent jobs or any jobs here really as it is. What we do find all goes to rent and bills not any left to save. We should get about $8,000 back. I will get the money I get the first of each month and he will get at least two checks this month. Plus the first of the month will be here again when we are ready to leave so I will have my check again.

We will have about $7500 in our pocket when we get there. That is with paying all the bills this month renting a truck to put all our stuff in and paying the gas on it and my truck. Then I will have checks coming the first of March. I will get mine and he should have a week or two pay coming. At least a week maybe two.

I want to research some areas now pick out a few we think look good and then research places to live and jobs. I want to spend the next month calling around talking to people. Explain everything to them that we are coming from out of state that we want to have something lined up to move into when we get there. Make sure that we have at least two places that say yes no problem we can pull into town do the paper work and unload. Would like to have more like 4 in different areas of the same town lined up.

That way when we get into town we can check them all out decide what one we like the best and move in. This way we aren’t paying for motel rooms when we get there and rent on the truck for days we don’t need it or storage. I am also going to be looking at jobs in the areas and applying for some to try to line something up so that I can go to work as soon as we get up there. I am going to try to line it up so that I go back about a week maybe two after I get up there. Give me time to get the house put together and settle in before I start a new job in a new place. Give the kids time to adjust. And figure out the school thing. It will take a lot of what I have left when we get there but I want to pay the rent up as far as I can when we get there. That way if I don’t find a job right a way I won’t have to worry to much about it. I will have my check coming each month to pay bills and things. I also plan to pay half the rent each month so that it stays a little ahead. Then when I get a job I want to pay so much out of each check depending on if I get paid weekly or by weekly. So that the rent is always ahead and paid by the first. I just feel better doing it that way. Even if I don’t pay it but just buy money orders so that I can’t dip into it and spend it and send them all out the first.

I figure if I do it this way then I should have a pretty good chance of making it once we are there. If I can have a place lined up to go right into and pay ahead and hopefully have a job lined up or get one shortly after getting there. I hope to have my divorce over by then so I will be getting that money too. I am not going to go after baby girls dad until I get moved because I have been told that if I go after him here and he stops paying that once I get somewhere else I have to start it over. FL won’t go after him because I am not here and the other state will not enforce another states order. I am going to check more into it and see if it is true for sure. But I also know that it will take me longer than a month to get him found served and in court so it will really be a waste of time to even start it if I am really leaving in a month or so. I am not really worried about it I have went this long with out it I will make due until I get it if it means we will be better off in the long run. Right now I think we will. The jobs pay more than here by $2 and hour most of them. The rents are lower and comparable to here. The only difference is other places we could have a bigger nicer place for the same money we pay here. Even for less than what we pay here we could have a nice place. Now the research begins. I have to look up all the little towns and things see what rents are like jobs and schools and try to pick the best one out of them all. It is so hard doing it online and not knowing anything about these places. I want something small but not supper small. I don’t want to drive 30 miles to work everyday but I don’t want to be in big area. I want to be out of town.

I also want to do it why father of the year is on board with letting us move and willing to help us get our stuff there. This way he can’t go to court and try to stop it or make me come back. Because here he can go to court and make me stay here because of the kids so he can see them. But if he is willing to let me go and helps get our stuff there if he tries to then go back and try to make me come home I don’t think it will work. They are going to look at him and say if you cared and didn’t want them to go then why would you help them get there and get all their stuff there.

Anyone in GA? What area? How are schools, jobs, rents, and crime?

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