{February 28, 2014}   My Favorite Child

Do you have a favorite child? Mine use to ask me who my favorite was when they were little. I had no clue how to answer that. I don’t really have a favorite I love them all the same and try to treat them all fair and never really thought about a favorite. I do think boys are easier than girls but they aren’t my favorite. I don’t know what made me say it but one day one of them said something about favorite and I just said your my favorite insert child’s name.
Every since then whenever we talk or I’m playing with them or when I tell them I love them I always tell them your my favorite big boy or my favorite whatever one I am talking to their name. Sometimes they will smile big and say really I am your favorite whatever. My oldest son said I’m your only boy           . I just said your right just makes it that more special because there won’t be another you so therefor you don’t have to ever worry about me having  another favorite    . He said yeah I guess your right and went on.  

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