I have been talking to the girl who has been watching our dog for us until we get moved to somewhere we can have her. We went out and took the kids out last week. I hadn’t really talked to her and hung out with her before. She was a friend of a friend and I had seen her at her house and talked to her but just hey how are you the weather is nice joking around. It was nice to get out and talk and get to know each other. Turns out we have a lot in common. I really enjoyed haning out with her and we are going to hang out tomorrow get the kids out of the house.

But I asked her if the place her boyfriend works was looking for drivers she said she didn’t know she would ask him. They are a lot of times. She said he could also get me on this other place probably with no problems if they weren’t because he worked there a really long time and knew them all. He also knows the people who own a few of the restaurants in town and said if the other two places weren’t looking for people he could talk to them and see if they had something and maybe get me on out at one of them. He was supposed to talk to people today and I should find something out when we go out later today. It’s sad that around here it is not about what you know it is about who you know when you are looking for a job.

I would be so great to go back to work and have money coming in. Between what I have now support for my oldest three kids and what I would make working I could get me and the kids a place of our own. She said it would be part time 25-30 hours a week. I had just told father of the year and someone the night before that I wouldn’t mind taking something as long as it was at least 20 or more a week. Full time would be nice but the 25-30 would be ok. I could probably work into full time maybe. But right now it will be good to get use to working again, get the kids use to me working get school and daycare settled and things like that. It is going to be hard on the kids with me going back to work they are so use to me just being here all the time. I am hoping I can talk to my friend J and she will be able to watch the kids and get them to and from school or whatever I need. If not maybe between her and my other friend I can work something out with them. I won’t bring home a lot after I pay a sitter but it will be better than nothing and show that little bit extra I need to show. No one has to know I pay daycare or how much. For all they need to know is that I have friends who split it up and help me because I am a single mom and they are free in the day because they don’t have to work. Praying for lots of good news tomorrow. I would even take two if I could work them around each other and sitters.


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