{March 24, 2014}   Nothing Can Ever Be Easy

Or go as it should. Got everything set up to move paid got keys and killed myself to pretty much move everything alone this weekend to now not be able to move in until next weekend. Now that all my stuff is there beds and all. I guess someone who lived there before didn’t pay the bill so now I have to have all the deposit money upfront to get the lights turned on and I don’t have it until Friday.

Everything is paid up til May just got to pay the light and water deposit but won’t have money til Friday. Most the time they will give you 10 days to pay it in but now they say no it has to be paid first it dont’ matter who turns it on. I am so aggravated the kids are all upset and in moods. We were supposed to be in Sat and had to wait until today when we could get them to turn the stuff on. Then to find this out. We wanted to spend spring break in our new house now we get to spend it here with all the bs. Punish me for something someone else done. I can’t force the owner to keep the power on until we rent it. Feel like half set forward and 12 back. I am so tired and wore out from this weekend I just want to cry. I could have waited on a lot of stuff and been able to do some stuff with the kids why they were on break. But no we were going to have our new house we were going to do stuff there. Now we can’t do anything but sit here. they want us out.

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