{April 29, 2014}   same Old Threat

When my friend was talking to RC’s ex the other day she told her he didn’t sign his rights up. She just has full custody right now. He can come back and go to court to get to see them and things again. He told her she could have them he wouldn’t fight her for them if she didn’t ask for support. Same as he tried to tell me. I know her mom and dad don’t want him around she is living with them and they are supporting them all. So I know they won’t have her go for support from him. They will want to keep him out of the picture. If anything ever happened and she was on her own I’m sure she would go after him for support. 

I have all the stuff to do it and all ready ove a year ago told them to go get him and make him pay. They just haven’t done it. So now I am going to go do it myself. He can fight me all he wants for her, it won’t happen. He will get to see her but he won’t get her over me. I’ve been there from day one I’ve bought her everything she has and has needed. He hasn’t as much as held her or even have a picture of her probably. I still have all my kids and all ways have had. We all know his track record. Lawyer done said no way. I don’t care if he wants to see her he should be in her life and spend time with her as he should the other 4 as well. 

She also told her that both boys were his and that he took off with the little one for 4 months and she couldn’t get him back. He swears they did a test and the oldest one was not his. They never did one through the court and everyone even her friends say they dont believe it is his. I don’t know I wondered before he ever told me he wasn’t his if be really was or not. It don’t really matter because he is on everything and had been there from day one until everything happen so he will still have to pay and help take care of him. As he should have to. The way he has done. He didn’t take off with him like she says either. She knew where he was he just wouldn’t let her see him and she could have gotten him if she really wanted too. There are to many laws and ways. I think she just wanted to keep the older one and let him keep the little one because he was the one her and her mom always had the least to do with and done the least for. They complained when they had to. I’m not saying anything it’s between them and all I really care about at this point is my baby getting to know her siblings. I will keep the peace and let it ride because there isnt any of it that matters anymore.

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