I made my little bitty a facebook page Saturday and put some pictures and things on it of her over the last year and some new ones from that day and the last few days. I decided to send her dad a friend request. I had no intentions of talking to him or anything like that. Just so that he could see her and see how she was and things like that and if he wanted to have contact with her he could. Again can’t say I tried to keep her from him. My phone has been messing up I wasn’t sure it went because most stuff I do it don’t do. When I looked it didn’t show as sent so I sent it. Then another friend of mine that I added to her page didn’t tell me but she sent him a suggestion that he should be friends with her. He denied and blocked her after I sent the request and she sent that. My friend that sent it to him as well said she thinks he blocked her too.

My other friend said something to him about seeing she had a page on someone else page. He told her he got a friend request but denied it it was just me trying to talk to him. He told her he didn’t even know if she was his and all this bullshit. Funny the night HE called me the first thing he said is how’s my kid. Then when I met up with him that night because he was threatening to kill his self and shit he cried his eyes out telling me how his new gf was doing him over her and seeing her and this boys and all this. Then we were sitting there talking and he just kept looking at her and talking about how pretty she was and this and that. Looked right at me and said “WE” did a good job. Just his excuse for not being around and to not look like the deadbeat dad. All the while not knowing everyone already knows the truth and what is going on. He lied to her and told her I said I had been with Father of the year and told him I messed around with him. He knows all kinds of stuff that happen with me and him and that I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be with him again. He just pisses me off so much it isn’t even funny. That’s ok just wait until he gets hit with papers for child support. Their little test won’t lie.


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