I hope that everyone had a happy Mothers day this year and got to relax and spend time with the family. Mine was pretty good surprisingly since father of the year was offf for the weekend. But I let him pretty much handle everything with the kids. We hardly ever get up early but everyone was up before 9. My big boy made me breakfast in bed with some help. They brought me stuff that they made and gave me and we just hung out for a little while. I decided to take them to the flea market to get out of the house and do something. It was about lunch time so I told them to get ready and have lunch. No one seemed to get in a hurry and me and little bitty ended up taking a long nap instead.

I have been wanting to get another pet. I really want another dog but don’t have the extra money to really take care of another dog with the vet bills shots and things like that. I have been looking at guinea pigs and things in cages but really don’t want the mess and smell that come with them. I didn’t get guinea pigs the last time because I didn’t want to mess with all the shavings and things that you have to put in the cage and the smell. They would be mine so I am the one who has to take care of them. I can’t make the kids do it if it isn’t theirs. I am one too who if I get a pet or let the kids have a pet all research has to be done on it and it has to be taken care of properly. Not just through it in this gave because it fits and do what has to be done to get by. They have to have the proper size cage and set up the food that is best for them not just what ever is easiest. And if the cage has to be cleaned every day to keep it clean not smelling and the animal clean then that is what gets done.

Just like when we had the ferrets I know alot of people who just buy the little cages and keep two and sometimes more in it. Really it isn’t even a good set up for one much less more than that. We had one in addition to the larger cage we had. But they didn’t stay in it. I had it incase we went on a trip and took them had to leave the house for some reason and take them with us and things like that. When we moved I put them in it for temporally til we got moved and could have their big cage. And I could see why people would say they stink. They did not stay clean in the little cage the little cage was a mess to try and take care of and keep clean. They smelled you couldn’t keep them from smelling. I could tell they weren’t happy in it either. One reason I finally said ok and told the kids we had to find them a new home. It wasn’t right to them and they needed to be back in their big cage right a way before they got sick or something. I knew it was going to be a few months before we were going to be able to move.

I decided I wanted African Dwarf frogs! african_dwarf_frogsI seen them before at the pet store when we were looking at ferrets and things. I wanted them then but didn’t get them. I had too much other stuff to take care of and deal with at the time.  When I was looking at best low maintenance pets they came up on one of the list. I hadn’t thought about them in a while. I did a lot of research on them back then and have been doing more the last few days. They say you need a gallon of water per frog but then other places say 2. they are use to living in puddles so I figure they can do ok in a gallon but 2 would ideal for them. I want about 3 to 4 of them. I am looking at getting a 5 gallon tank. I figure with 4 even that gives them a gallon and a quarter each should do good with that. But I am trying to decide if I want to do the 5 gallon tank and 4 frogs ora 3 gallon with just two. But I know they are what I want. That is my mothers day gift. I just have to figure out how many I want what kind of tank I need and what kind of set up I am going to do in it. Then I will get it. I also have to find the frogs because they didn’t have them at the pet store when we went.







I am leaning toward the 5 gallon tank and starting out with 2 and then maybe adding more. I want a male and female. See if I can breed them so I think it would be better to start with just two but a bigger tank so I can ad to it later. Thy say a lot of times the eggs don’t survive and if they do the frogs don’t. You have to have a really good set up in a different tank. But I want to try. I have a tank for that part of it. It’s just getting the big tank and set up. But I am also waiting until I get some more done around the house so I can decide where I want it and make a spot before I get it. I’m going to do some more research as well to make sure I am not missing anything.

Isaiah Jeremiah


First picture is from—- www.treehugger.com

Second picture is from—- www.pet-frog.com

Third picture is from—– icandigit-kel.blogspot.com


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