{May 15, 2014}   Checked Into Hiring A P.I

Yesterday I decided to start taking care of some things that need to be taken care of but I have been putting off. I talked to father of the year and he is supposed to be taking off next Friday for my big boy’s end of year awards at school. I told him instead of trying to just take off enough time to go there and then go back to work to just take off for the day since he is off at 4 that day anyway. That way before we go to the thing at school we can take all these papers to the courthouse and get them turned in so we can try to get a court date. He said ok and we are supposed to be leaving things the way they are as to who has them when and things. If he tries to pull this crap of wanting to change things on the way to the courthouse I am going to let him know right then and there everything that I know he thinks I don’t. Then I am going to tell him not only do I know but others do  too and that I will have them called into court. The one is the therapist who don’t think he should have them all the time like he wants. I think with my son and the way he is and the fact that father of the year has done the things he has the judge will leave it the way it is.

I had been trying to wait until I got father of the year out of the house before I tried to take RC to court for support. I don’t want them to count father of the years income as mine since we are getting a divorce and one way or another within the next few months here he is going to have to go somewhere. I also had thought about going why we are living the way we are and not even tell him I am filen or when/if I get anything. We are making it on what we have right now. We aren’t doing great but we are making it and doing ok. If I found him and was able to get something then I figured that I would just let it either save up on the card or open a bank account not tell anyone and have it put in there and let it just save up in there. It isn’t like if I save it they are going to make me pay him back or let him stop paying me. This way when I get him out of the house then I will have a little bit of money put a way to pay bills or save incase something happens and I need something. I would probably let it lay there until I had enough to pay a months rent and take it down and give it to them. I would still take and pay it every month still and not tell father of the year that I had paid anything on it or that it was paid up. I would just make more sense to have it paid up as much as I could that way I don’t have to worry about it. It wouldn’t really be wrong or lying to him to get him to pay the rent because he will still only be paying for the time he is here. What I am paying is for after that. If he is here he should have to help pay.

I was up half the night searching and searching trying to find any info I can on him. All the info I was coming up with is old addresses from what we all know and what he has told everyone. I called a P.I but they want $75 just to run the report to see what it shows. Then if I need them to go out and see if he is at the house for sure and is working at that job for sure still it is $65 an hour. That is calling one that is up where he is supposed to be. well in that state and I don’t think they are to far from where he is supposed to be. I hadn’t really thought about calling one up there but I called a lady here by me and she said her company is closed she retired. But she is the one that said maybe try one up there. I am sure they will find him pretty easy with no problems unless he moves soon. If I knew more about the area I could probably find him myself but I just don’t know enough about that area. I want to do it but I just don’t have that kind of money to put out to get the info. It really sucks because it is going to give me more money in the long run. If that much money goes gone father of the year is going to be asking questions because I won’t have it to pay on something. I pay some stuff he pays other. He knows how much I get and what gets paid that there isn’t much left over.

The more I think about it I need to do it now why father of the year is here so I can save. If we get these papers filed and get a court date then when I go in with RC to figure out who pays how much I can show them that we aren’t going to be together and that he is going to be moving out. If they still want to know his info and use it against me then I will just have them redo it once I me or him gets moved so it will only reflect my income.

I can just tell father of the year I am going with a friend somewhere the days I have to go to court. Or that the baby has a doctors appointment when we have to go for the test. He won’t know the difference unless my others say something about someone watching them. I can just say I wanted a break and a friend offered to watch them.

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