{May 15, 2014}   Family feud # 34394039384 Million

Yesterday I was siting here after I got back from the bus watching the kids play. I got a phone call from my friend J wanting to know if everything was alright and if my sister was having her baby. I told her not that I knew of and that if she was I would know. Her husband works with my brother that I do not talk to or get along with. She said that my brother came in or called in to work and said that my sister was in labor and that she had a really hard labor last time and didn’t stop bleeding and he needed off because he wanted to be there. That did happen last time but if she was having the baby I would have been one of the first ones they would have called. She don’t have a car and my mom was scared it may happen again and she always calls me.

Wanting to just check and see what was going on I called my sister she said no she had just got done eating breakfast and was laying down. She was to go to the doctor that afternoon. I told her what he done and had said. She wasn’t very surprised didn’t really say anything. She said she hadn’t talk to him since about the 12th of last month.

This is not the first lie he has told them at work and has everyone letting him off early or leave early every night. He told them his son was really sick and has all these problems and he needs off all the time. Something happen to him and he has some learning problems and things kind of like autism but it isn’t because they can see when they test on the brain that something happen. He told them his wife has a job and he has to be home every night by 6 to watch him and all this. He has a daughter that is like 16 and my dad is there. They left him with the daughter all the time when he was younger and she was a lot younger as well. There is no reason he couldn’t stay there with her and my dad for a couple hours why he worked in the evening. He told them he had no one to watch him, I know my dad wouldn’t care. He has offered to watch my kids for me. He just can’t keep up with my little ones but with her there to do what needs to be done or to help it wouldn’t be a problem for him to watch him.

Later I was talking to my mom and she had a fit that I told her that she wasn’t having the baby and stuff. I’m not the only one that told them that she don’t work my dad knows them and seen them and told them she don’t too. She was even trying to get disability part of the time he was claiming she was working and all this and home going to school online. I told her I was not lying for him if I was asked I would tell them the truth and that he shouldn’t be lying about everything. She went on and on about how she shouldn’t have called me and asked and we shouldn’t be talking about it and all. She didn’t work there blah blah. If I called in to my job or did something at my job I wouldn’t want him telling them stuff. No because I know what he would be telling them wouldn’t be the truth. I he would have no need to tell them anything because if I don’t go in I tell them why and very very rarely do I not go in or leave early.  If I leave early or call in once or twice a year is a lot for me. I don’t have jobs where that is allowed you show up and work no matter what or you lose your job 99% of the time.

But it’s her husband that is there until they close every night because he takes off. It is her husband that gets stuck there covering both shifts when he don’t show up takes off early or  whatever he decides to do. I know if I was calling in lying or taking off all the time he would be the first one to be telling someone something. It wouldn’t matter if they asked or not and it wouldn’t matter if he even knew anyone there. That is just how he is.

When he found out I knew my friend and her husband that works there he went and told her husband all kinds of lies about me and everything else. I think he done it because of all the lying he had and does at work and he knows I won’t lie to cover for him. Even if I wasn’t asked then something could come out why we were just hanging out talking. He told them I leave my kids all the time and go out to the bars just about every night and all this stuff. My mom says well how do you know your friend isn’t lying to you. I haven’t found that either of them have lied to me about anything. They have helped and offered to help me more than even my family. I know my brother he lies to everyone about everything my mom even knows it. He lies more than he tells the truth. I don’t if he has ever told the truth really. I have no reason not to believe them and every reason to not believe him. He has a track record for doing this with every job he gets. He never keeps a job for more than a few weeks or months. If he dose it is because when they try to fire him he calls HR with a huge pack of lies and gets them to believe it. So then HR has to look into everything and see who is doing what. He threatens to sue for every little thing so they have to watch why or when they do get rid of him or just cut his hours and things until he leaves.

I think it is crazy that my mom turns it around on me and makes me out to be the person in the wrong. She knows how he is and talks about it all the time. Him and his wife went so far as to tell her that she needed to stop talking to me or they wouldn’t be coming around or talking to her anymore because of stuff they started and she told them they were wrong. And because we still talked and things they stopped coming around or having anything to do with anyone for years and then get mad when we had things and they weren’t invited. I stopped inviting them to anything I had at my house not only because of the way he talked to and about me but the way he talked to and about other people. That fact that it made other people so mad or uncomfortable that thestoppeded coming to things when asked too. And the fact that no matter what they do or say or how they act and know they are in the wrong but then never say sorry or we shouldn’t have said or done that nothing. Just walk back in whenever they feel like it and act as if nothing ever happen. I am just over it. I stopped having holidays at my house because I didn’t want to invite them it looks like it will go back to being that way. I tried to be the bigger person and invited everyone for Easter and the baby’s birthday but not after this. My sister won’t come out and say anything to him or just not invite them to things. Because she don’t want to cause problems with anyone or make anyone mad. She plans stuff when she knows they won’t be around to come or waits until the last minute to tell them in hopes they have other plans. I don’t care who likes it or don’t like it if they are in the wrong they are in the wrong it is my house and my money going into whatever it is I am doing and I am not going to be forced to invite them and no one have a good time because of it or have people I want here to not show up or not be able to invite them because they are here. If I am the bitch for it I guess I will just be the bitch for it.

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