{May 20, 2014}   SSI Appointment

I got a lovely letter in the mail Friday informing me that I needed to be at their office bright and early this morning for a appointment for my son. I got us all ready and was trying to get the babies bottle ready and find papers I thought were in the folder. I heard the baby crying so I went to look for her. She was standing by her bed pointing to get in. I had to pick her up and take her to the truck instead. She got very upset. She was tired and wanted to go to bed. We got there and ended up having to wait for 20 minutes or more even though we got there before the doors open and we were first to be seen on the list of appointments. By the time we got back there she was well beyond unhappy. She started crying and fighting I had to stand up to try to hold her and keep her from getting down. The lady looked at me and said you want me to do you a huge favor. I was like yeah sure what is it. She gave me back all my papers and told me to take her home and let her go to bed. She said she was going to call me and do everything by phone. I told her I was sorry but that I don’t have a baby sitter and things. She said I should have called her and told her I didn’t have a sitter and that she could have changed it to a phone interview.

She said when I was there my case was a mess and that it was going to take a while. When she called me she said that they didn’t show where father of the year was staying with us or that I had even had the baby. I don’t know what all she has went through it and fixed a bunch of stuff and we fixed some. She is sending me a copy and helping me with his case because I told her it was up for review. I told her how rude the lady was and that she hadn’t really read the report and laughed at me about my son and things.

She even said autism don’t just go away and that she has seen them deny people that should have clearly gotten help. She told me that she handles all the appeals for this office and to just do what they have me do. She said if he gets denied to call her right a way and turn in the paper work for the appeal right a way. She said I have 60 days to do it but that if I do it with in the first 10 I will still get his check until they decide. If it goes past 10 then he won’t get anything till they decide again.

Like I told her he is doing good in school but he is in a school that is for kids like him. The teacher can sit down and work more one on one with him and things. I have to talk to them at his school because the lady over the school told me he was on level and now I am finding out that he is a year behind. But that isn’t what she put on the report. She told them he was up to where he was supposed to be as well. I didn’t know this until the other day or I could have been working with him and helping him get on track better. So I maybe finding him a different school by next year as well. She has no reason to tell me that he is on grade leve if he isn’t. Only reason I could think of is because she is affraid I would take him out if he wasn’t. But I wouldn’t have. I like the school and thought they were doing good and keeping me informed. But I guesss not. I will look for somewhere new because I need to know what is going on with my kid and what he is and isn’t doing. I don’t like the fact I was lied to. What else are they covering up or lien about.

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