To the Stars Of Tomorrow program the kids have been in at our locale playhouse. They did 4 shows this weekend og the Jungle Book. I went to opening night it was great. The baby sat still and watched it with no problems at all. For a 14 month old to sit still for and hour and a half with out fussing or running around. She clap a squiel watching it. My baby boy he just loved it. He begged to go back to see the other 3 shows.












ways I’m glad it’s over but in otheres I’m not. I won’t miss the 4 hours every night during tech week or the rushing to get there in time for each show. And back and forth in between.

But I will miss the kids excitment about getting ready for the play. And waiting for us to come and see it. I will miss getting that evening out with friends each week. But we have already made some summer plans so it will still be fun.








They aren’t sure if they want to do it again this year or not. If they do I will have one still in this group and one in the next group up. Twice the running and two tech weeks. I told them they are going to have to pick one or two things and thats it. They can’t interfear with each other. They both missed a game and practice this week. But they had to honor their cometment to the one they started first. They can’t just drop one to do the othe.

And one last bow one last goodbye and one last circle up. 

Mine are the second one in from left and the rock in the middle between the two trees.



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