Why I was gone and in the middle of running around taking care of everything we had a big rain storm. Thought we were going to have tornado at one point it got so bad. We had come home once for a few minutes after we picked farther of the year up from work. The kids sat down here in the living room and watched part of a show and we left. By the time we got done dropping the washer off to be looked at and getting home it was about 10:30 pm. We went in the playroom to put the dog in her cage so we could go back out. We were going to drop the trailer we rented off and get something to eat. The cover over the window was down. Father of the year asked how it got there and that way. I had no idea because we weren’t home and the few minutes we were no one had went in there. He picked it up to put it back up and said it was wet. Of course we check the window to make sure it is closed it is locked tight. He starts feeling the wall and the roof. It is wet, we have a roof leak!

There is nothing I can do about it tonight. It has stopped raining I pray it don’t start again tonight. It isn’t dripping in my floor. Yet anyway, but I think that it is worse that it is ran down in the wall than if it was just the roof and leaking on the floor. Because now that wall is all wet and I have to worry about them fixing it right. If they don’t then it can rot, mildew and mold. I am dreading calling them in the morning and having to tell them this after they just put the new a/c in but this is bad it isn’t something that I can say oh it isn’t a big deal and for get about. They have to be told.

So now I am supposed to be up running around cleaning and moving everything out of the way so that they can get in here when I call them. I don’t even feel like moving. I sat down on the couch to prop my foot and leg up for a few minutes. To try and get the swelling to go down and some of the pain to go a way but I know it won’t. I have been on it going none stop for 3 1/2 days none stop just about. I am going to have to go to bed and really get some sleep and rest it. Maybe this weekend I will be able to do that. I sat down here telling myself I was going to get up in a few minutes that was over 2 hours ago. It just hurts so bad I dread the thought of getting up and doing all this stuff. my house looks like a tornado went through it from the kids being out of school and us being so busy the last few day. Things haven’t been getting done. The leak is in the backroom that’s the playroom and father of the years room. I need to move all that stuff to the other side of the room so they have room to get in there and work. I have this truck I just sold full of stuff I have to take out and put somewhere. It was supposed to go in the play room. We are going to have a yard sale next week. Now I have no clue where to put it.

Father of the year is out there working on the trucks still at 3 am. Because he was supposed to do the stuff with it yesterday evening and he didn’t knowing we had all this to do today. We didn’t get home til late. Now the roof on top of it all and he wants to be an ass. I told him he may just have to call and tell them we have this wrong with the roof and tell them he isn’t going to be in til after lunch tomorrow. He is going to be the only one on all weekend and the other guy just told them he was taken off for a few days or week and was gone for two weeks just about. He can’t help the roof leak.

Ah that’s what I forgot in my other post. Everything else that has happened. Work is starting to pick back up the last week and they say it should get really busy probably by the end of next week and stay that way for a while over the summer. And tips have picked up he hadn’t been getting any tips really for a while. The last week he hasn’t gotten a lot but the ones who have tipped him have given him really good tips so that has been helping too. Maybe someone is praying for me or my family at least. It’s all paying off. Things have been going to good I’m not going to let a little roof leak rain on my blessings. That’s one big reason I prefer renting vs having my own place. I don’t have to worry about when things like this happen I can just call someone and tell them it’s broke and they send someone to fix it.


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