Today we met up with my cosion and one of her sons. We took the kids to Burger king for lunch then down to play in the park and the fountains.

It was little bitty s and her sons first time being at the water. Little bitty was so excited but wouldn’t go over to them. I finally picked her up and put her in and ran before the water came up. She would run out when it shoot up then go back smiling and laughing. Her son didn’t want any part of it. He just watched then went down on the dock to look at the boats. After a little bit I made the kids get out and go to the park so they could all play.

They all had fun. I think my big boy talked his ear off. Her son is so sweet and such a good kid. He has some things like my son. But he has more delays in speech and things. We said they are great together because mine will talk all day about the most random stuff and not notice you are trying to get a way or not listening. Hers don’t talk much and just does his own whatever. They just run around and play together. They both liked having someone to play with that didn’t pick on them or exclude them or do things they couldn’t.

Her son has already told her he wants to have a play date again next week. I told her that if she ever wanted to take my son for a night or two she could. That way they could play together. I have no problems with her son coming and staying over anytime but he isn’t ready to stay away from home yet.





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