{June 23, 2014}   A Day To Rest

Yesterday was a very busy day we got up early and went to the flea market and to pick up something for my son I had been trying to get for weeks. Then we came home and went straight to a b day party for the rest of the day. It was at the park so the kids had fun running around playing with the other kids and meeting new kids. It of-course rained because it is FL and that is what it dose everyday. The kids just played like nothing was going on. It wasn’t lightening or anything so not a big deal. My baby girl had a blast even though she never even went to the play ground area and played but for about 10 minutes out of the hours we were there. Someone brought their little dog and she played and played with it and held it like it was her stuffed animal. She ran around and played in the rain and just laughed. We left baby boy keeps asking when we can go to the party again. He wants to see all the people and play. They always have fun and love to have people over and around. If we ever get this roof fixed I can have their slumber parties and then do some other things. I am supposed to have a birthday party for my friend who’s daughters party I was just at yesterday some time in the next couple months.

With everything going on I forgot to put dinner on before we left last night. So I had to come home and cook something. I made homemade eggplant Parmesan  with spaghetti squash. I don’t care for either one and the kids had never had either. They asked to try eggplant so we got some at the store the other night. I decided they may as well try the squash too. My big boy and baby girl loved it. Baby girl was sitting in her chair going yum um um yummy yummy and eating it up. My big boy had about 5 big slices of it. He asked for the one slice I asked if he wanted more of the squash and he said no my squash spot in my belly is full but my eggplant spot still has room for more. My big girl said the eggplant was good but I could tell it wasn’t something she would want to eat to much. The other one as always is just didn’t want to eat. He has been on this kick for a month or two now of not eating. He will eat hardly nothing for days then eat and eat for a day or two and then go back to not eating. He drives me crazy sometimes the way he eats. Just glad they liked it and found something new to make once in a while. Big boy said it was added to his favorite list.

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