This isn’t something I ever thought I would have to consider before I had kids. It was pretty cut and dry they would be in public school. I had my reasons for feeling this way and still feel this way to a point. They all have their good and their bad but it seems that they are all are about on the same level anymore.

I didn’t like the idea of private school because all though the kids seem to get a good academic education, they seem to come out kind of clueless about every day life and  dealing with people and situations. I went to school with a lot of kids in middle and high school who went to private school. They were smart but when it came to coping and functioning and dealing with others and everyday life they were lost. They seemed to be very sheltered to how things really work and the way people are. I have talked to other parents who felt the same way that private school just shelter the kids to much.

Home schooling is good but I feel that it don’t give the kids a chance to really develop that independence that going to school making friends going to school functions and things give kids that are in school. I also feel that the home schooled kids missed out on a lot that kids in school didn’t like trips, clubs and activities. They were a little sheltered as well. But I know that the sheltered thing has a lot to do with the parents and how involved they want their child to be in things and how much they put into making sure they learn the dealings with other people and everyday things. I think a lot had to do with so few people were home schooling as well. There were less chances at getting kids together with other kids in the area to let them make friends or do different things with like you would do at school.

I do believe that as home school continues to evolve that it is going to out number the kids who are in public and private schools. I am coming to think that with the changes that home schooling is more the way to go as well.

I use to feel that you could get a good education at most public schools. If you got into a good one and you had parents that care. You get the peer interaction and are there with a diverse population of people. You don’t have to like the things other people do nor they have to like the things that you do. But you all do have to learn to co exist and  get through it. School is not any different than a job or anything else in life.

I have heard a lot of people say I don’t want my kid to be exposed to the things that go on in public schools. There are to many drugs, clicks, sex, kids getting in trouble and doing what they want to do. Number one if you think these things are not happening in private school you are very miss informed. The difference between public and private is this. Public schools don’t hide it can’t hide it like private schools do. Private schools try to hide it brush it under the rug through it out and make it go a way. Public schools try to come up with ways to stop the problems and educate the kids about this stuff as private tries to pretend it don’t happen or exist.  Some of the things they are sheltered from.

I would rather my kids learn about these things and learn how to handle them and avoid them their self now than be clueless as an adult. It comes down to being active and teaching your kids what you expect of them and about the bad things out there. Not shelter them from it all their life and then toss them out there in the middle of it all when they are adults to figure it out. I have seen so many who went through private school and home school with the very over protective and sheltering parents. They just don’t do well they get into a lot of bed situations or avoid taken care of things because they just don’t know how. I have seen this up close and personal with my sisters and with a few good friends.

Like I said this is not all kids that go to private or home school but it seems to be a good amount of them. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the area that I am in too. But these are my reason for not wanting to do home school or private school. But I can tell you that my opinions and out look are really starting to change.


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