{June 25, 2014}   A Sigh Of Relief

This morning I woke up and checked my email to see if I had gotten a response from the property managers office about the roof since I know I will turn blue and pass out waiting on a phone call after yesterday’s conversation. I was rather surprised to find one. The subject said roof replacement!!! They are going to replace the roof not just send Twee Tel Dee and Twee Tel Dumb up there to patch it. I am very happy that it is going to be done properly and I don’t have to worry about it blowing off in a strong storm or if we get a hurricane or if it just rains hard again.

They probably told them they dropped the ball didn’t take care of it in a timely manner. If they had to give me my rent back, all the money it cost to move in, my deposits and moving expense it would cost about what they want to put a roof on. He would still have the problem and the house would be sitting empty again for who knows how long. Once he got someone in here again the roof would have problems and he would then have to put out even more money to get the roof done like he should have to start with. Then he be out twice over the same problem. Maybe more if they didn’t fix it for weeks or a month like they have now and the other people got mad. This way he puts the money out for the roof we are happy and stay and pay our rent every month. With in 7 months of us paying rent he will have recuped his money from putting the roof on and replace the air and be back to turning a profit. He can’t be to hard up for money that it is going to be a huge big deal to him because he owns 4 properties that he rents out. He should know if you have rentals you have to have a good stash of money put back for things like this.

Anyone who owns a property they are renting out should make sure they have at least $1000 and to me that is on the low side in the bank for any repairs that may come up. Then when they start getting rent they should put at least half the rent every month into that account with the $1000 until it gets up to about $2500. Then just put a couple $100’s a month from the rent into the account every month as long as they rent it. This way if or when it needs a new roof the money is there. If it needs new stove or a/c the money is there. They aren’t pulling it out of their pocket or not having it and having more problems.

I am just happy they decided to go ahead and put the roof on and not just patch it. I know I won’t have to worry about moving now for at least another 9 months. If I get my kids settled in school and things seem to be working and I can afford to pay for the place on my own I just might stay here for another year. As long as they fix things on a timely manner and I don’t have to go through all this wait forever and things. But something tells me after yesterdays conversation I won’t be waiting for very long to have things taken care of if we have to call.

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