We were at a birthday party on Sunday for my friends daughter so there were a bunch of kids around. My kids didn’t really know any of the other kids but they seemed to make friends pretty quick. I was really happy because even my big boy seemed to make friends and carry on a conversation with some of the other kids. It made me fell good to see him fitting in and not being left out or made fun of.

He made friend with one little girl in particular that he was talking to a lot of the time we were there. She was about a year older than him I think I heard and use to be pretty shy. She isn’t so much now but still coming around.

I am not sure what all took place or what happen as I was walking up. I heard my big boy say hey you don’t hit her. You aren’t supposed to hit a girl. The other kid said that’s my sister. My big boy said oh ok and looks at him for a second. Then he goes it don’t matter you don’t put your hands on a girl. ( all though him and his sister fight all the time and hit each other.) Nothing was said for a minute the girl said something to her brother and before it was over he was after her again with both hands grabbing her and trying to push her down. Really just kids being kids and brother and sister fighting nothing horrible. I’m glad I was standing there because my son went to go after him I had to stop him and make him stay out of it. I told the kids to knock it off and go play.

I was surpised because this is my boy who will let others pick on him and tease him and have him so upset. He gets so mad and talks about the way they do and all kinds of stuff and how he would like to hit them but he won’t. I can’t say it is the best thing to tell your child but it has gotten to the point before where they were coming in my yard and bothering him and I told him to go ahead and hit them. They have no right to come in my yard and bother him when he isn’t bothering anyone else and when they have been told and they stand up and mock adults and make fun of them. Sometimes it is the only way to get them to leave you alone. But he wouldn’t do it he would say I can’t do that your not supposed to hit or I want to but what if they hit me back or their friend comes and things.

This time it wasn’t even someone messing with him or picking on him and he was ready to fight. I guess it being a girl really just hit that cord with him. Because he had it out for that kid the rest of the day. I heard him yelling stuff at him a few times after that I guess the kid did something he didn’t like and then he was yelling at him when he was leaving. I had to tell him to stop and not to do that. That he was being rude it wan’t his party or his guest. I am proud of him for standing up for others I just wish he would stand up for himself.


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