{June 28, 2014}   A Day With The Boys

My big girl went with her friend and her mom and another friend of ours for the weekend. My friends daughter won a trip through girl scouts for Nickelodeon and then our friends mom got her a night at the time share at one of the animal kingdom resorts. When they leave the resort Monday they are going to go to Disney Quest.

I wanted to do something with the boys instead of just sitting here in the house all weekend. I am so tired of sitting in the house. I thought about the dinosaur store and deiced to take them there today. I asked my friend if she wanted to go and bring the little boy that she takes care of but he has been sick and she didn’t get back with me. I told Elisha he could ask the little boy down the street if he wanted to go with us. I have known his brother for years and know his dad. Father of the year knows his dad as well. I don’t really know the little boy or his mom. This is a new wife than the one he was with when I use to see them come through work way back and this is another little boy they had since then. His brother came over to let me know he was getting the mower and he would be back tomorrow to mow my yard for me. They don’t have a mower right now so he borrows mine and then when he gets done he cuts my yard for me letting him use it. I told him just borrow it put the gas back but he dose it anyway.

We stopped and he went and asked if he could go and he was allowed to go so he got ready and we went. I had never been didn’t know what to expect other than what I read online. But it was pretty cool. I wanted to take pictures but it is one of them places you can’t take pictures inside. Craziest things I have heard it’s a store nothing more nothing less. It isn’t like it is the white house or something. I think it is crazy we can’t take pictures in a government building either but we aren’t going to get off on to that.

They also have a area called the Adventure Zone, a fossil dig and something else called the beach bum dig or something. I am not sure what that was I was trying to watch the tv there and see what it all was but I had kids all asking what we were doing and 20 questions and amazed at all the Dino stuff they had. They all had to tell me about it and bring me to show me and they all had to do it all at the sometime. I am so glad they had such a good time. It was about the same price to do the fossil dig or go in the Adventure Zone. I told them all these where the two things we could do we had to pick one or the other but we couldn’t do both. they all agreed that going in the Adventure Zone would be fun and seeing all the animals. That is what we did.

It was neat they had the basketball games one for the littler kids and one for the adults they had my favorite ski ball. They had some since stuff to do and try. They had a bunch of huge snakes. They creep-ed me out a little it took some getting use to go in the room with all the tanks. Not like a few little ones in tanks most of them were a good 6 to 11 foot long. Then they had baby gators and two like 6 ft gators. They didn’t bother me it’s the snakes that really bother me.

My little bitty was so funny I took her in the room where they had the snakes and lizards she was walking around. She walked right up to this cage with a big snake in it and it started to move. there was one just over her head it started moving and going up toward the lid. She seen them and they moved she shot away from the cages backwards and was standing against my legs watching them. She finally in a few minutes got a little closer then sat in the middle of the floor and watched and watched them for a while. Then I showed her in the big glass windows the gators. She said oh oh oh ah ooh. Then she was calling them by the dogs name and looking at them. She is so cute she loves animals and when she see’s one and new ones she dose this little things where she sucks her bottom lip in and just smiles and gets excited I just love it. So cute with her little bold head.

We are now home they are playing with their little Dino skeletons they got and the baby is laying on the rug watching TV. I am tired I didn’t got to bed until almost 5 this morning and got up at 10 to get my girl finished packed and where she needed to be by 11. Then ran straight to take them after lunch.

The science stuff was neat and some of the games it was cool seeing the animals. But in my opinion the cost should be about half of what it really is per person. For all of it from the Adventure zone to the dig and the other thing they had. If the prices were half what they are I would have probably let the kids bundle and do all the different things because we got done way sooner than I thought we would. For the price I couldn’t do more than one even if I just had my two or three with me. But for where they are located they won’t drop the price they are right in the middle of the biggest tourist area around.  But they should have some kind of special for the ones of us who aren’t tourist.

None of the kids seemed to mind or complain they had a good time. So it was worth it. They are already asking to go back again.

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