It has now been 14 days and 13 hours  like I said it was about to be 3 weeks) since I told them my roof was leaking really badly and needed to be fixed. It has been 12 days and about 11 hours since their maintenance person came out and said it needed a new roof. 7 days and   hours since the roofer was finally called and came out and told them it needed a new roof and 3 days and 3 hours since I got the email saying they were going to replace the roof. I bet you can guess what I am going to say next. Yep haven’t heard anything since from them about when they are going to start work on it. But they are taking care of it in a very timely manner don’t you know. I have even told them I have things with the kids I am in and out of the house for that I need to know when to expect someone so that I can be here if need be or make arrangements with them to have someone here, that we had things for the summer planed that I had to cancelled or post pone because of it and all. I will be calling them back in the morning. I won’t talk to him I know because he probably won’t be in the office but the lady I have been talking to should be. If I get no where with her I will be calling the other guy back on his cell phone because he sent it in the email that he sent. But I will be nice and go through proper channels before I start blowing his phone up.


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