{July 15, 2014}   Busy For A Monday

Today was a rather busy Monday for us compaired to most. I normaley don’t plan anything for Monday’s or make appoinments on Monday unless I have to. When school is in it is my day to get things together and taken care of from the weekend once the kids are back in school. I try to do a little shopping to get my stuff from the day before’s paper.

Today my youngest had a evaluation to see if he needed a speech eval and services. My daughter made plans for the local ladies to come by and do a bible lesson with her and the roofers came out.

We had to get up early and be at his eval by 9. Father of the year took off work to stay with the other kids because I had no sitter and really couldn’t take them with me. Thank goodness he did because I forgot I had to go there when I told them I would be home for the lesson and for the roofers to come. I couldn’t put off the roofers and I couldn’t put off his speech eval. We have waited months for it and if we put it off they would make us wait months and months longer to get one.

He did pretty good he just has a hard time for people to understand him. He came up for evals in other areas as well. But I am not worried I expected it. Not thrown for a loop shocked or surprised like a lot of people when they have this stuff done and they come up possibly needing more services or needing more. A lot of times they get helper easier if they need more services than if they just need help in one area sad to say. They said we should hear something the first week of August about getting the other testing done. I am hoping he will get to go to school when school starts back. I think he needs it and it will help him in other areas they aren’t even looking at.

The guy said to call him if the roofers weren’t here by 9 but I was at the meeting so I couldn’t really do anything. I figured it would be a little later maybe so I wasn’t to worried about it. I figured if they weren’t here by the time I got home I would call to see why. But they showed up about 10 and got right to work on it. By about 1 they had the dump truck come to clean all the old stuff off. They stayed and worked until about 7 and then the storm rolled in all at once was blowing stuff around and looked like it was going to pour any minute. They cleaned up and said they would be back in the morning to finish. They got everything done but laying two rolls of stuff. Tonight it rained more and we were sitting here at the table and heard another loud crash and looked rotted boards and nasty fell from up there it is leaking in where they didn’t get done. Looks like they put up new boards so I am hoping this isn’t a big deal that fell out. I will have to talk to them tomorrow to let them know before they finish.

At one point some how one of them ran over the electrical cord with the saw and then stuff wasn’t working. He came to the door and asked me if I could flip the breaker off and on or see if it had threw the breaker and turn it on. I went to do it and couldn’t find any breakers for that room. I had to call father of the year and ask him what the heck was going on. I guess when they closed the room in it was easier to run wire and put them on the outside of the house right at the meter. I had to go out and around the house to the box. I wasn’t going out the back door going through all the mess back where the roof as fallen. The guy came down off the roof and was helping me find it and check it. I was standing out there because the other one still couldn’t get the stuff to work. The one who came to the door said it sure smell good in there mam, really good. I said I have dinner in the crock pot making pulled pork. He said really sounded surprised. They got everything going I came back in. I figured they be knocking off soon it was almost 5. They were out there working until almost 7 or after. They came to the door and said they were going to go to the store and get a drink they would be back and wanted to make sure we were going to be here about 6. When they came back is when it started to look bad they rushed to get everything put a way.

I was just getting the kids sat down for dinner when they left to go to the store. I made everyone plates and got some containers and made them both a plate. When they pulled back in I had the older kids take it out to them. They didn’t come back for a while I walked out to see what they were doing. One was on the roof trying to grab everything down and get it put a way before it stormed, they were standing there waiting on him to come down to give it to him. The other guy had walked across the street for something and came back. He took it for him and sat it in the seat of the truck for him. He finally came down we were all talking and they got stuff put a way went to leave, he went to get in the truck and seen the bowl. He picked up and looked he turned around with a big smile and sounded excited he said oh thanks, thanks a lot.

The kids said mom you made them guys a plate? I said yes they been here for about 9 hours or more it is late and I am sure they are hungry. They been working their butts off to try and get this done and they would still be up there if it wasn’t for the storm. I at the time really figured they were going to be here longer working on it no one expected the storm it was nice and bright out. I figured they could take time to eat at least have something to hold them over until they could go home. But it didn’t matter either way. I always have extra. I have always cooked for 4 adults before me and father of the year got to gather. Even when it was just the two of us I would make more than we needed. We would just heat it up for another night or lunch. I try not to make to much but then it seems like it isn’t enough. As the kids have started getting older and eating more the extra I use to have I don’t anymore and sometimes come up just having enough. I have started making more now and I am back to having extra again. I like to know I will have some extra in case someone stops over you want to ask them to stay or like tonight you want to make a plat for someone.

Hope it was good nothing fancy mac cheese and store bought coleslaw. The pulled pork didn’t seem to taste as good as it smelled. I just can’t seem to get it one time it comes out great full of flavor the next time it comes out dry and kind of blah. it was in between this time.

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