{July 22, 2014}   Here We Go Again

My big boy had his Tuesday therapy appointment so we get there and as we walk in the door to sit down and start with her she ask how our roof problem was. As she asked I get a text from father of the year informing me that we now have ANOTHER roof leak this no where near the first. It is in the middle of my hall way in the house and leaking all over my holiday stuff in the attic. I told him to call them right then and tell them. To tell them that I can not and will not wait a month or weeks to have this taken care of. This is in the middle of my house leaking down through a light and where my kids have to walk around it. I have to keep the baby out of the bucket.

When I got out of the appointment I called the lady at the office. I just told her that I wasn’t trying to bug her but that I just wanted to see if they had a time they would be out to look at the roof since father of the year never knows if he will be home for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I would have to make sure I was here I have another therapy appointment tomorrow it is here at the house but I still can’t really be having roofers going through my house because they will be working with my son. I wanted to take the kids to the pool tomorrow maybe. But I have to make sure I am here when they are coming so I have to work it in or skip it. She said she was going to call them and for me to call them as well and set it up. She said she hadn’t heard back from the owner of the office but that she told him that she was calling the roofer and sending them herself. So who knows what he is going to say. I haven’t heard from him either I figured I would have gotten a email or a call from him but I haven’t.

I called the roofer they are supposed to be coming out to look at the other that is still dripping and to see if the new leak can be fixed or if the house is going to need a new roof on it as well. I think it is going to need a new roof as well we can see all along the sides where it is messed up it is a gravel roof they can’t really tell until they get it off. Whatever they have to do they better be on it faster than this last one. Because if they do not have a date they will be starting and telling me what they will be doing to it by Thursday I will go down and file a 7 day fix it letter and be sending them. I am not going to let them drag it out like they have this other one and I will be putting the inside work in the letter as well. I hate to be that way but I have seen that they will take their time drag their feet and try to a void fixing it as long as they can. I hope that after I we got into it the last time over the roof and they decided to put a new roof on and things they don’t try to drag it out. They know I know my rights and the laws and that I am not going to just live this way. I guess we will see how this turns out.

It’s sad because it really is a nice house and really good size for what I am paying. It just sat and whoever flipped it didn’t really put the work into it to do it right. I don’t know if it is the person who owns it now or he bought it this way. If they bough it this way I feel sorry for them because the big stuff they kind of covered up and now it is costing them money. If they are the ones that tried to half ass it and slide by then that is what happens you end up putting out more money in the long run. Now you have paid to have the work rigged and half assed now you have to pay to have it done right. Risk losing your renters in the process.

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