I haven’t done a lot for the kids the last few years with everything going on. We do little things here and there but haven’t done anything really nice for them. We use to take a trip to one of the theme parks or give them so money to get something nice they been wanting for a while if we didn’t go. I just haven’t been able to do it with moving and bills and not working. Since we decided to homeschool there are some things that we need to be able to really do good. I have been picking up things at thrift stores, the auction, yard sales and other places the last few weeks. But we really needed a computer. The last desk top I had I got in 2004. It has been dead for a few years now. I say a few but it more like 5 or so. Me and father of the year have lap tops that are newer but still not that new. From like 2007 or so, I don’t let them on my computer because when I have tried to let them use it in the past keys have come up missing and they are always bouncing it around. I am worried it is going to get broke and then we will have none at all.

They credited us a months rent because of the roof being messed up for so long and we have 3 pay day in the month. I can have all my bills paid and September and Octobers rent paid by the 1st of September. I have all the bills caught up and paid as well. I went and got a new desk top and a nice printer so the kids have somewhere they can sit down do their work on and I can print all the stuff we need for school and things. I didn’t break the bank and buy the best of the best or even the middle of the road even. I got a decent all in one and the warranty on it because I know my kids and if it can happen it will. I spent way more on a printer than I thought I would. but still not horrible on it. I got the warranty on it too. First two things in my life I think I bought a warranty for. I learned my lesson after two broke tablets with in a week of each other and only a couple weeks after Christmas and not buying them.

I was ok with spending more on the printer because I think in the long run it will save me money. I was debating between the inkjet all in one, laser all in one or something that took toner. I was leaning toward toner because I know you can get a ton of prints before you have to change the toner out. But the guy said it isn’t as good for color and that the toner was a lot. Lot more than I thought it would be. But still I think probably be worth it with all the copies and prints you could get. But I wanted something that would be decent color copy too. So he showed me a inkjet that will print 2000-2500 pages. That should last me at least 6 months to a year. If I was just printing our normal stuff that I need to print sometimes it would last me forever. But with doing the homeschool some of the things I need to print are 50 to 100 or more pages. Some are less and once I get going I can reduce the things that I print because I will have a better understanding of what is really needed what can just be used online without printing it out.

I think it was a good choice for us. It is something that everyone can use and that we will keep and have for a really long time. Because unless it just dies and can not be fixed it will be used. Just like the last one. My lap top is supposed to get fixed this weekend because I did something and screwed it up. Once it is I will keep using it until it dies and can’t be used anymore. I don’t have money to go out and buy the best of or the newest just because it came out. Nor do I really want to. I think it is a waste to just go get something new because it is a little newer when what we have will do the same thing. I am cheap if I don’t have to buy something I won’t and if it isn’t in the budget I am not like a lot of people who will take it from somewhere that it shouldn’t be taken from and buy it anyway. We will just do with out. Just like with the printer. If I got the one that made less copies I would need ink more often. I may not have the money to go out and buy more ink every few months. This way I can pretty much buy it once maybe twice a year and not have to worry about it. When it goes out or starts to it will have to wait until I can get it. But at least I will know ahead of time so I can make sure I have it or save a little here and there to get it.

My big boy is so funny. I told them we were going to go down to the big flea market this weekend. So he says to me can we all have $5 or $10 each to spend when we go? I said do you know how many $5 and $10 I just spent on that new computer for yall the other day? He said no how many. I told him and said a lot. He looked at me and said wow really? I said yes really. He said oh ok so can we have the money to spend when we go or not? I love him he just don’t get the concept of money paying bills what things cost. We will be working on that this year in math. I need to look for some other things for school. Maybe I will give them $5 each and tell them that it needs to be spend on things that we can use or need for school and let them help get stuff. They get to help pick it out and they can be learning how money works.




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