I am pretty sure I told you all the other week they told father of the year he could finally go to tow side at work. Of course when they said it there was a BUT in there. The but was that they had to hire someone new and he had to train them because he is yet again the only one doing his job when there is supposed to be 2 of them. Last week they brought a guy in and he trained him for the week until he got off Friday for the weekend. Well the guy has done nothing but complain, bitch whine moan and groan about the job since he started. He told father of the year something about making 30 % and that is way more than anyone there makes. I don’t know where he came up with that number. I think when they said 3% he miss understood or thought they meant to say 30% and assumed instead of asking. So when he found out he was not happy about that at all. Now he has taken to complaining to customers about it when he goes out to calls. He is slow and he don’t want to work. he don’t get off until 5 on the night during the week he gets off. Father of the year had them call him with 3 calls at one time at 4:30. He ended up only needing to go to two of them but one was right here close to the house and the other was a little but a way. So it would take a little time to get to and he had a call he had to go to before. The other guy lives about the same distance a way and he is still on so he called him and told him he had two calls he needed him to take that one before he got off. He got all mad and started whining and complaining then told him he wasn’t taking anymore calls he had a bottle waiting for him. He knew that you don’t get off right when they say they will give you a call 5 minutes before your supposed to get off sometimes. Last week when they were training him and father of the year didn’t get off until like two hours after they were supposed to because they had to finish up taking care of the calls.

The next night he starts giving father of the year calls and he called and told him he was off for the night that he was the only one on to take the calls. He got all mad about that. Even if father of the year wasn’t off he still wouldn’t have gotten the call he would have because he was first out that night. He wants to complain he isn’t making any money but just like that when he is supposed to go he don’t and it wasn’t like he had to many or needed help was backed up it was closer to father of the year than him. He just would not answer his radio when they called him to give them to him. Then when father of the year called he had to answer he was pissed.

Father of the year said that when he got to work this morning they told him that Monday he will move to tow side and train. They said he wants to complain about not making money and things then let him run it during the day on his own. Then they told him something about letting him off after 8 pm and having tow side pick up the calls until the next morning. I am not sure why that is unless he has complained about working at night as well but oh well to bad sorry about your luck that is the job. You don’t like it move on is what they should have told him. Father of the year has been there for a year and this is about the 5 person that he has trained. Every time someone leaves he is there to run 24/7 with no help. Only time he got help was when it was his night to be off and when it was his weekend off. Other than that he just done it and kept going.

But whatever they do at least they are going to move him over to tow side. They said he will have a lot more calls than he has now. Not only will he get more calls, the calls will bring in more money so he will get more per call and he will get paid so much a mile for each call. On that side they are also allowed to go all over the county and out of the county to all over the state and they do a lot of times and they get the police rotation calls. All of which bring in more money than what he is doing now. Even on their bad weeks or slow weeks they bring home $200 more than what he brings home in a week and most the time they bring home a lot more than $200 more than him.

Another reason I wanted to go ahead and get the computer and things. We knew he was going to be moving over so there would be a little extra coming in that would help put back what we spent on it. Plus I already told him he needs to start looking for somewhere to move and saving money to move so that I can have my house back and it don’t mess me up and take months to fix things when he is gone. I have to keep things as they are I can’t wait months to get them fixed. We have a friend who has talked about going in together with him and getting a place but I don’t know if he is going to try and do that or not. He wants to rent my back room here where we  had the big roof leak too but he can’t because father of the year is in it and I really need the space. More now than ever with trying to do school and things too now.

I am not sure I would rent it to him if father of the year left and he wanted to still. I trust him and everything I just don’t need the talk and bs that will come because I rented it to a guy. I hear how we must be together and blah blah and how I rented it to a guy and the kids here. It would be nice to find someone to rent it to if I could figure out how to make due with out the extra room. If I could rent it out for even $500 for everything would be a huge help to me.

I think we will be ok with out renting it out and I think that me and the kids need some time to just be alone. We were alone for 6 months when father of the year moved out in 2011. Things were just starting to really fall into place and get to a new routine and normal for us. Then I meet RC and everything snowballed from there. I feel good about it and feel that we are going to be ok with out anyone in there. I may keep it split into two rooms and move into one side like father of the year is. I am debating moving in there and trading the girls around in the rooms they are in. Or trading with my oldest and putting her in what is my room now and leaving the baby in there. Then take the little bedroom as mine and making that a school area on one side and a playroom on the other when father of the year moves out of it.


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