I decided tonight that as much as I like my house I am going to start looking for a place to move. Father of the year can stay here and get a roommate I don’t want to live here anymore. I was up late got up early and took the kids to the flea market and I am beyond tired. I went and was laying on my bed why the kids played and watched a movie in their bedrooms. About the time I fell a sleep they come running in yelling mommy, mommy the roof is leaking, it’s leaking in the living room now. Then I hear and it is leaking right into the t.v the dvd player and the vcr. I jump up and come in here to see what is going on because it had just started raining probably not 5 minutes. I walked in the living room and didn’t see anything they are over trying to move stuff. I get closer and sure as shit there is water all over everything and pouring in but the roof is dry. I look around and the window seal has split and it is pouring in just above the window like it started in the back room. I picked up the phone and called the owner of the management company on his cell I had kept it from when he called me before. He didn’t answer. I left his a message telling him who it was what house and that someone needed to call me back right a way not tomorrow.  We unhooked everything and got it out of the way about the time we got done the phone was ringing it was him. I told him it was leaking again and that this time it was in my living room pouring in. He said there wasn’t much he could do about it right that minute or tonight. That just really pissed me off by the way he said it and I about exploded on him. Then he said that he was going to be calling the owner as soon as he got home and they would have someone out Monday to look at it. I told him it was a good thing we happen to be home because it was leaking right down into all my stuff. He said well go protect your stuff and I will get on it. Thank goodness I don’t have some big expensive tv and stuff sitting there. It’s a dinosaur like my computer lol. I had a big nice once but when things got hard I got rid of it. We don’t have cable they just watch whatever movies they pick up and mostly watch them in their rooms. But it is the point that this is the 3rd leak we have had in less than two months. The roof still isn’t fixed from the first one. It still leaks a little bit because of the other roof that needs replaced. They still haven’t fixed the inside of the roof so I can put my room back together. They are supposed to be here Monday to do that. Like I told father of the year last night it isn’t leaking that bad if they don’t get it to stop it will be a while before it will get through all the insulation, sheetrock and everything else and start leaking and fall through again. Our lease is up about April it should stay up there with no problems. I will be gone after that because I don’t want to stay here when it takes them this long to fix things.

After tonight I have decided I want to move now not later. I don’t want to stay here another 8 months or more and fight to get anything else that breaks fixed. I can’t do it I have to much other stuff and the kids shouldn’t have to live with everything moved around and not able to get to their stuff all the time because something is wrong with the house.

There is a little house I have had my eye on for a few months now. It sucks because it is right kady cornered from where I am now so father of the year would be right there. But I really don’t care because it will be my house I can do what I want. I wouldn’t have to have him at my house to get the kids and things they could just walk over. He could see if anyone was at my house but I’m not worried about it. I could careless about what is going on at his. He keeps saying are you sure you want to move and what if they put a new roof on then it should be fine. Yeah fine until the next thing breaks and I have to wait months to get it fixed or fight with them to get it fixed. I haven’t seen inside but our friend who lives next to it has helped the guy work on it he said it is 4 bedrooms the one is tiny. But that is ok I would take that room give the two girls a room and the two boys a room. It has the wood like floors through out not this horrible tile that is in my house now. It has a chain link fence all the way around the front and a privacy fenced in back yard. I could let the kids in my back yard and not have to worry about anyone messing with them. I could let the dog out to just run around the back and play with them with out being on a leash. I could let the kids in the front yard if I wanted to. Open the windows and doors and can see them right from the living room running and playing. Not sure if it has any extra rooms like family, office, den or anything it would be super nice if it did but not a big deal if it don’t. We could make due. he wants about $100 more a month than what we are paying now but our friend seem to think he would come down to about what I am paying now to get decent people in that wouldn’t tear his place up. I am thinking about going and talking to him tomorrow. Explain to him my situation with not working right now but getting my sons check and child support. That father of the year is going to pay the rent and I will just have to worry about my other bills.

I would like to move somewhere else but really there isn’t anywhere else that I could afford that is in a half way decent area. It is what I have wanted since we lost our house and even at our house. I wanted the fenced in yard. I had a huge fenced in back yard at my house but the dog could get over the fence so I couldn’t just let her run and had no fence in the front yard. I wasn’t there with money coming in like it was when I bought it long enough to put fence in like I wanted.

I can’t believe that a month ago I was sitting and writing Not Going To Rain On my blessings and we had so much great things happening. Here I am almost two months later and still the blessings just keep coming. Even in the storm literally with having all the leaks and us in our rainy season.

For those that don’t know all the story the link above was the first night everything started. You can read what all has went on from there in the following few post, No Roof Yet, Patch it course when they sent tweet le Dee and tweet le dumb out here. To get the quick version you could just read the Just a recap and A month later to see what all happen up until this post with it all. So yes if there is any way possible to get my kids moved out of here and into something that isn’t going to be wet and molding all the time I would love to do it. Why wouldn’t I? wouldn’t anyone? Maybe it is just me and I am expecting to much and asking to much because you know I only rented it with out water running in in random places every time it rained and expected it to stay that way. I only take care of their place and make sure they get every last penny of their rent every month on time. But I guess it is to much to expect and ask to have things fixed in a timely manner with out it being half done or not done right to only deal with it again. Maybe I am just to hard to please but if I am then to bad. I take care of the place and I hold up my end of the deal then I want them to do the same and not when it works for them 3 months after it breaks but when it should be done. With in a week for most anything that breaks. I don’t know anything that should take more than a week to fix. even the roof if may have taken a couple but not a couple months.


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