{October 15, 2014}   If I Had A $1

I am so tired of hearing how I just need to get laid I’d feel better. I’m tired of all the offeres to help me out, or just to have some fun. My favorite to help someone else out and have a good time as well, because I’m the safe one. I won’t expect more, I won’t cause problems later, I won’t tell anyone or let it out. Because I’m the one who will keep everyones little secrite safe because I’m the trusted one. If I had a $1 for every offer I have had I could walk no make that run a way from the situation I am in and not have to ever worry about looking back or ending back up like this again.

I don’t know if I should be flatered or insaulted that so many “guys” want to sleep with me. I mean really its not like I’m anything special or great to look at. Feel far from it really. Lets face it if I was then why haven’t I found someone decent and who cares about me and more than just hooking up? Since I’m not anything specail or that great is that then why they feel I’ll say yes and keep their secret? What do they really feel that I can’t get it else where so they can pat theirself on the back for doing a good deed?

I just honestly don’t get it. Why is it so hard for them to blevie no I haven’t been with anyone in two years and that yes in that way I am fine and happy with that. Why is that so hard to believe? Why is it so hard to believe that right now yes I would love to have a relationship but I’m not interested in nor want sex. I just want someone to be there to come in after a day at work or not seeing eachother and just have that hug and a kiss not expecting anything more.

If it is and this is how all guys are abd there aren’t any men out there any more than I think I would be just fine if I wasn’t with someone again. Because I want more than a good time and to be someones go to. If I’m just going to be here for a good time and someones safe go to then I’m going to have to charge because at that point its just something else on my already long list of things to do.

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