{October 19, 2014}   Tactless he is

Where father of the year works they have houses that they rent out to their employees. They rent them rather cheap because they aren’t really in great areas and they don’t put a lot of maintenance into them. With the way things have been the last few weeks I told father of the year he needed to look into renting the one they have open or seeing if they had others open. Because he will not look for anything and will live like this forever if I don’t say something. He had a friend that wanted to be room-mates a few months ago and he pissed around until he did something else.

I asked him why he didn’t do that he had 101 excuses from he didn’t think he was reliable to they couldn’t find any place to he didn’t have money. All of  which I pointed out was wrong. He is as reliable as anyone else he isn’t going to find someone that is perfect or to many people willing to rent a place with him. He wanted me to let him rent a room here but father of the year is in the only spot I would have to give him. He wanted to rent here because he knows we aren’t going to party all the time take the money and spend it and not pay bills and things like that. He is younger than we are but he seems to be pretty reasonable. We have known him since he was a kid. He came over many times telling us about places he had found, what they were like where they were, how much they were and what they would need to move in. Father of the year would just sit there and listen and never say anything like he wasn’t the least bit interested. Because he wasn’t he has no plan of moving. He tried saying he had no money when he wanted to get a place but that was wrong too because we had been talking about how things were caught up and would be a good time for him to get something.

When I said something about the house the company has he went right to making excuses about it. I will say it isn’t in great shape but he has had options and didn’t take them. The money to move in as he says he don’t have he wouldn’t need as they just move in and start paying rent no upfront fees. I know how he is he would fix it up and clean it with bleach and things from top to bottom so I wouldn’t be worried about the kids going over there. The area isn’t great but it is ok. No worse than where I am really at this point probably.

We talked about this a few times the last week or so and he was supposed to ask about it. Of course every time I asked if he did he say he hadn’t gotten to it hadn’t had time, the guy was out sick. or something. But he has to go in and talk to the lady every morning no matter what he has to go turn his paperwork in and find out where he is out and all. He could take 2 minutes to say hey I would like to know about renting that house that is sitting over there empty. He just don’t want to and hopes someone else would get to it first so he can say he tried but they rented it before he could. I finally told him if he didn’t call and ask her about it I was going to call and ask her and move his stuff over there myself. He don’t have that much wouldn’t take long. Be worth it to get him out of my house. He finally asked but they said the last guy who lived there gutted it. He tore the air out along with pipes and wiring. They found a bunch of drug stuff in it when they cleaned it out. This is the story I got anyway. But the guy is still working for him. I asked him how he still had his job if he did all this stuff he said he didn’t know. I am going to have my friend J’s husband ask them about it see what they say.

I wondered why he told them he was asking about it so I asked him. He said he told her that we had been fighting a lot lately and he needed to get out and get a place. I said oh so basiacly she is throwing me out I have no where to go poor me? He just looked at me stupid for a minute and said no. I said why didn’t you tell them the truth this was only a temp thing that you didn’t move here to stay it wasn’t supposed to last two years or more like it has and that now things have been taken care of and your ready to get your own place. He said well I don’t know they don’t need to know all the details. No they don’t just the ones that make it look like poor pitiful him he has the wicked wife that treats him so bad. Not that this place is supposed to been mine and the kids he was supposed to get a place. That yeah I want him out because again we have holes in the doors and walls like every other place we have lived together. I am so tired of having holes in my walls and doors because he gets mad and decides to put his fist through them. I am ready to just call the cops and let them deal with him when he has his little fits and dose the things he dose but I don’t want my kids to see their dad go to jail and who knows what else may happen with the things he has said. He knows what he is doing and how they all feel so sorry for him. It makes me sick. The way he snows everyone and the way they all believe it when they can see I’m the one here all the time and have the kids 24/7 doing everything for them and taking care of their schooling and everything else. It just pisses me off more and more every day that he is here that he is here and walks around like ha ha you can’t do anything about it. I can’t even find a baby sitter because they don’t want to be around him and he comes home if he knows someone is here with the kids watching them. He pops in and out all day just to because.

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Thank you I will try to get to it tonight. 🙂 very busy week.

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