{October 25, 2014}   Legoland

Thursday we went to Legoland with the homeschool group we have found and become a part of. My friend J went with us to help me out with the little ones. None of us had been before so we had no idea what to expect.

I don’t know if I was expecting to much or it was really just that bad. This was a first of anything like it for my two little ones. My older two have been to Disney a few times and Animal Kingdom once and Seaworld.  I expected it to be comparable to Disney or at least Seaworld and boy was it not. Far from it really. First thing I noticed before we got there was their hours 10:00am to 5:00pm. Seemed a little odd they would be open later as the other parks are. When you walked in it didn’t seem like anything great or special. I mean the other parks have different shows or little things going on in the streets through out the park be it people playing music, characters walking around or in areas to meet, parades different things. They had nothing it seemed deserted kind of like you were just walking around a down town area that has shops and things for tourist. The shows seem to over lap and most were only shown once maybe twice a day. The rides were nothing like you would expect either. I know it is supposed to be geared toward kids but most rides were either for little kids or older kids. They had signs that said for this age or that age this hight or that hight. All parks have a hight requirement I understand that. But they also have a ton of stuff that the family can do together. It did not seem very family oriented at all. Even being kid geared it could still be more for family or rides for families. The rides were not that interesting either. They had cars for the 3-5 year olds to go around the track most couldn’t even get around the track. The cars were almost to small for them to ride in. They had the same thing for kids 6-16 the cars were not that much bigger. My 9 and 10 year old barely fit in them. Their legs were all bent up they went about a mile an hour. The go carts at the go cart track or the bumper cars at the fair move faster. Other areas they had tons of games set up to play like a carnival or something but they were way over priced. You would think for the price that you pay for tickets they would be free. They had a few roller coasters but other than that nothing great.

It seemed like Lego wanted to get in on the theme park business but didn’t wanted to put as little as possible into it so they felt since it was based on “legos” they could get a way with being very generic is the word that kept coming to mind. It like thinking you are going to go shopping at Target and ending up at a auction or flea market. I didn’t expect it to me just like Seaworld or Disney but I expected it to be at least entertaining fun, I don’t know how to explain it. It was nice getting to spend the time with the kids bit I would have much rather taken the money and done something different. They said they had fun but then commented about the rides and things. I think they were just trying to be nice since we don’t get to do things like that all the time.

Just as I figured when I seen the hours it don’t really give you much time to do much. If you watch a show or two and stop to eat half your time is gone. There wasn’t much to pick from to eat and most places you had to eat outside no where to sit inside to eat. If there was it was packed no where to sit because the places were so small had such few tables. No where to sit down cool off why you eat or even for a few minutes really. No real shaded areas. The you didn’t get a adult meal for under $10 and most of them didn’t come with a drink. The kids meals weren’t to bad they were around $5 but only came with milk or water. I asked at the one place how much it would be to upgrade the drink in the meal they wanted $3.50 more to UPGRADE the drink. Basically you just bought a drink. Its to hot to be giving kids milk out in that heat and they like to have more than water. We ended up going to the all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad that included drinks. It was $15 for adults and $10 for kids. But if you figure by the time you buy an extra drink with their meal at the other places and buy some kind of drink for yourself your are paying that anyway or close to it.

You walk every where there is no way to get around the park other than walking. That takes up a good amount of your time to be doing other stuff as well. When I was at the other parks my kids spent hardly no time in the strollers because we were always on the go in one show, or ride jumping on the train or whatever to go to a different area to do stuff. Here my 18 month old hardly got out of it and when she did it was to watch everyone else ride and have fun because she wasn’t able to ride.

If you are going to be going on vacation near a Legoland I recommend saving your money and go somewhere else. Take the money and split it up and go to a few different places and out to dinner and/or lunch. You will probably have a much better time.

I am very glad that we only spent $55 for all of us to go and not the $255 it would normally cost. All I could think walking around there is thank god we paid the group rate. If it was right next you (like a mile down the rode) and was about $5/$10 a person it might be worth taking the kids to once every few years or so.

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