{November 29, 2014}   Sick Again

My little guy has only been in school since the 10 th of this month and he only went one day last week and none this week. He caught something already and brought it home. He had fever and couldn’t go last week. Then he seemed find Friday and Saturday, we thought he was going back Monday. Then Sunday he woke up with a horrible cough and went to bed with a rash. So back to the doctor we went Monday. She said the rash was from the fever it’s been happening with other kids. But he now has a ear infection and stuff in his lungs. To top it all off my little bitty has a ear infection as well. She said he was contagious until 24 hours after the rash went a way and they only had a 3 day school week so they said send him back next Monday.

My little bitty has been so cranky and clingy it is unreal. At the doctor she got mad because she couldn’t rip the paper off the bed again and throw it everywhere. I took her down and sat her on the floor and she laid on the floor rolled around and cried forever. She was still doing it when the doctor came in and got nasty with her. She even said she could tell she was miserable and that it wasn’t like her. She said she never seen her act this way. She hasn’t stopped since and shows no signs of getting better. I have given her her meds and everything but it don’t seem to be helping. I think she is teething as well as caught whatever was causing his fever on top of the ear infection.

I don’t know what it is with the two of them but they are a handful lately. One minute they are playing great the next they are fighting and I am having to pull them apart. I am not sue to having two this close in age but with such a big age gap either. My older two I don’t remember fighting like this. I don’t know if it is because they were closer in age or what.

I can’t say they didn’t they did fight pretty bad for a while but my younger one was older than my younger one is now. He was about two and his sister was around 3. But my baby now is only 19 months old and she is fighting with her brother. She is a brute she over takes him and he is like twice her size. I don’t know what to do with her. She is so smart and so advacned but at the same time she just don’t care that she gets in trouble. She gets upset if I get on to her and tell her she can’t do that or that it was bad. She cry but then 5 minutes later she is back at it again.

Between the being sick, clingy because they are sick and being loud and fighting because they are sick or because they are feeling better and seem to think that’s what they should do. Ad in everything else that is going on and the fact that my friend decided to visit today. I am ready to crawl out of my skin and pull my hair out. I normally have my one day a week to look forward to out with a friend. I don’t have that this week. My friend is a way on vacation won’t be back until Sunday evening. I just keep telling myself that this is just a phase that it to shall pass in time.

It’s just one of them times that I am giving, giving, giving, and not getting what I need in return. I love them and I know they love me but they can’t give me what I need. Nor are they supposed to. One day maybe I will have that again.

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