I took the truck in to get the oil changed I figured it has been at least a year since the last time so it was probably time. I wanted my friend J’s hubby to check it out and tell me anything that it is wrong with it. I know there are some things that need to be done but aren’t pressing then there are some things that I need to take care of asap like the transmission. The motor has been making a funny sound off and on the last few years. A year or so ago when I took it in and had the oil changed that their was moister on the cap when they were checking the oil. There wasn’t anything I could do at the time and it never seemed like it got any worse and didn’t cause any problems so I hadn’t worried about it.

The other day when father of the year was putting oil in he said it had a good amount of moister again. I know it isn’t good but still not anything I can do until after the first of the year. I hadn’t noticed any but I never really think to look when I’m checking it.

He was busy and didn’t have time to check it out completely. He said he wanted me to bring it to him at home or to come by my house and check it so they didn’t charge me for it since they were busy and he had other job there to do. So I don’t even know everything that is wrong still.

I haven’t ruled out moving yet even though I am probably going to have to get a new truck. I am working on a few things to try and get out still. Even though some things seem to be coming up others seem to be still falling into place.

Why I was getting the oil in the truck changed I asked them how much it would be to get a truck to SC around where I am thinking about going. They rent the moving trucks too. He said it would be around $486 and another $17.99 for the insurance a day. No mileage on one way trips and I would have it for 4 days. It comes out to about the same price as the other company but much better trucks. He also told me that if anyone had triple A it would be 10 or 12% off and that they always run promotional s. He said sometimes they run a deal if I order it on line instead of going in it’s cheaper and different ones. He said he couldn’t make any promises but that when the time came he could probably get about $100 knocked off the price. I know I will get the triple A discount because like I told him I don’t have it now but I will be getting it before we head out on this trip going that far just in case. It would be good to have if I am going to be up there with just me and the kids I will need it because I’m not going to know anyone to call if I get stuck and need help. At least if I have that then I can at least get it towed home and figure out what to do with it.

Everything is just so up in the air with all this court stuff but I got to get it done.


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