I told you all about father of the year’s accident Saturday  (A Doom & Gloom Kind Of Day). I was worried about him losing his job and everything. Since then a lot has happen. He ended up in the er Sunday morning with a kidney stone and missed a few hours of work. At least he didn’t have any calls but wasn’t able to meet and drop the truck off. The guys had to come and pick it up and they weren’t happy about it. He went in on Monday to turn in his paperwork since he wasn’t in Sunday to do it and it had to be in by then. They didn’t really say anything about it. Tuesday he called in because he still hadn’t passed his stone and was in pain. He isn’t able to take the pain meds and drive the truck. 

He got there today and figured that they would be on him about the accident and missing the day but they didn’t say anything. He said they did tell them they have to have a damage waver signed on everything they pick up. They just said something about the accidents and damages from over the weekend.

Later he called back and said that he was talking to them at the office and the other guys about what was going on. Apparently one of the other guys rear ended someone since he had his accident. Not only that but one or two of the other damaged some of the vehicles that they had picked up.

I said well maybe that’s a good thing. They can’t very well fire all of you and have no crew to work. He said he didn’t know what they are going to do about it all.

When he got home he said that the boss told him that they may have to close down the towing side because of all that happen and the insurance premiums are going to sky rocket. So guess they aren’t worried about getting rid of anyone because they may not be staying open. He also said that he said something about maybe changing the name of the company. I guess if they close and open under a different name then the insurance wouldn’t be as high. I don’t really see them doing that because the ones running it really don’t want the hassle of tow side so if they can get rid of it I think they will just get rid of it and keep it gone.

I guess the next few weeks will tell. But however it plays out I am going to keep doing what I have to do to make everything fall into place for me and the kids and get us out of here. Or him out of here however it works out. He is going to have to work out his side of things.


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