I told father of the year a little bit ago that my phone needed to be paid today or it would go off in the morning.

He said their should be enough on the Gray card to pay it. Well at least to pay yours. I’ll have to pay it tonight.

I just said oh ok I didn’t think you had that much left. He told me the other day he left all the money in the truck when me and the kids were going somewhere. I guess that is all the cash he had left. I’m not sure what he has left in the bank. I was going to ask him because we need to pay on a few other bills so we don’t have to pay them out of checks next Friday. He was at a house for his call so he had to go.

I also called my account to see what I had left in it. I couldn’t remember the last few things I had bought on it. I have X put on it I keep track of it as I go. But lately it hasn’t been hard to keep track off because I pull all but about $20 off and pay the rent with it. This month since I ended up paying his loan back instead of rent I guess I ended up with more left than even I thought. I didn’t think I would have more than a few dollars left after paying his loan back and buying the kids all new jackets and things.

I was surprised when I called and it said I had just over $100 left. I’m not telling him or spending it unless I have too. I am going to let him go ahead and pay my phone. I paid his loan why shouldn’t he. If If something has to come up that needs to be paid then I will have to take out of it and pay it. But if not I am going to let him take care of it when he gets his checks Friday. Then I have to do Christmas shopping for the kids.

If I can make it till Friday without having to use it then I shouldn’t have to spend out of it at all. Then pay day for him again is the 2 nd. The rent is due the first but we have until the 4 th to pay with out having a late fee on it. I will let him pay it.

If I do that and just pick up a few of the bills then I should have a good little amount saved again. I will have to pull it off the card and find a place to hide it. That way if he gets a hold of my card and checks my balance like he has before then he won’t see it on there. I will pay for a few things here and there with it take cash and get things when me and the kids go out and just tell him I used it. As long as I find a hiding place he won’t know the difference.

I think I will also take a little bit of it and pay someone to fill out my divorce papers. If I play everything right then I will still have a decent amount put up. His last pay day in Jan is the 30 th so I can pay rent out of it and bills and be able to keep most of mine for February as well. Maybe things are starting to turn around and look up.

By then we will be getting tax money back. I am going to have him give me my half upfront so that I am not asking him all the time when I want to buy something and he can’t keep track of how much I have spent or have left.

I am just going to tell him I am going to be going shopping for a truck and I need it. He isn’t here until late at night a lot of times and I can’t take all of it off of his card it has to be taken out inside at the bank. I can’t do that since I am not on the account. If I find something I want to buy and he can’t get to the bank and get me the money then I could lose getting the truck I want. He can’t really fight with that. If he don’t want to give it to me I will take his card and get as much out as I can each day until I have my part out.


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