{December 12, 2014}   Scholarship News

As you all know my oldest son is autistic. This year because of a lot of things that have went on we decided to homeschool. I found out that there is a scholarship I could get to help buy things for school for him. We signed up at the end of September and have been waiting for them to go through all their steps and get the founding. We got our award letter pretty quickly but hadn’t heard anything else from them in a while. We are half way through the school year here. I wrote to them the other month and asked about it and they said founds would go out end of November or beginning of December. They didn’t say if that would be for everyone or just some and if some who it would be for.

I log in a few times a week to check to see if there is any changes but there haven’t been. I decided to email them tonight and ask them about it and if we could find out where we are on the list and when they think the funding would be granted for him.

I guess I should have checked my email first because when I got done I logged in and found one from a few days ago they sent. It said that they finished approving everything and that his money should be granted with in the next month. It said that they are waiting on their founding to come in so they can grant it.

Now I have to decide what curriculum to use for him for the next year and what I am going to finish our year out with this year.

It made me realise that I haven’t even thought about his scholarship and what would happen if or when we move. It is a state scholarship so I don’t know if once it is granted and we move if we can still use it or not. I guess it is something I am going to have to find out. Figure out what to do once we find out. If I we can’t still use it I guess I will order his curriculum for the next few years and other things that we want to use and put it up until we are ready. I’m just happy we got it because right now it is a huge help in getting the things he needs.

[…] my little guy wanted to check the mail, he brought me it. There was a letter from step up in there (Scholarship News). I was kind of afraid to open it. We were waiting for his funding to come in and would be getting […]

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