Not So Marry Christmas

Been fighting with Father of the year again today. I need to go Christmas shopping and can’t because he has to work. We didn’t have money to go until yesterday. I have said and said for weeks that I needed to go today or tomorrow. He could have gotten at least a day off for his vacation time. If he just talked to the guy at work told him what happen with his vacation and told him he just needed to take that one day. He wouldn’t he wouldn’t even consider asking.

My mom had said she was going to watch the kids this weekend but not if they were still “sick”. They aren’t sick their allergies are acting up. They all 4 went to the doctor and she gave them something to take they have been on it for a week just about. I never heard from her today when she said she would call. He knows that is a never going to happen thing or a when she gets good and ready a week or two later.

He gets home I am trying to get ready and go he says he is done he won’t have any more calls the rest of the night they other two guys will take care of them. I know he will they can’t take care of them all when they are all doing their jobs and 3 other peoples job. One was no call no show they other was fired and the last quit. Sure enough he got one before I could even put my shoes on.

I was saying something about everything. He starts yelling me how i should have did the shopping sooner this is my fault. We didn’t have money until yesterday. I am telling him I need to go because the things the kids want are sold out on line and it wouldn’t get here before Christmas. That in the store when me and the kids were looking around the stuff was sold out at ours or they only had 1 to 3 on the shelf. He says so just go get something it don’t matter. What’s the big deal. Really?

What’s the big deal? The big deal is my kids were homeless the last two not one but two Christmases because of things he did. I had to sit and watch my son cry because we couldn’t put up our own Christmas tree and things in the yard. Thank God this year we have a house and still have our stuff to put up even though we lost our special stuff.

What’s the big deal? The big deal is that after all my kids have been through the last two Christmases all that any of them have asked for all added up together don’t come to even $50 my kids have asked for hardly anything and have asked for very simple things they can use and would like to have and just want to have a nice holiday this year. All he can say is what’s the big deal just go get something it don’t matter.

He just likes to ruin anything and everything he can and it seems it don’t matter who it is for any more be it be me or the kids. Pretty sad when you do your kids that way.

Really none of them asked for anything that big. My big boy wants some action figures, a k’nex kit. My big girl wants a sd card, a book, a remote control helicopter and a board game. My little guy wants a skateboard. I asked him what else he wanted because I really don’t know what to get him he said just a skateboard. I even said tell me 5 things you really or would like to have. Just so I have a idea of a few other things to get him. He had no clue himself. And my little bitty she don’t care she is thrilled with just about anything. If you got her some shoes and a baby and the baby a pair of shoes she would be in heaven.

I showed her a picture of a baby doll on line she couldn’t see it’s feet. She started pointing to it and asking if it had shoes. She is a show queen.

I don’t think wanting to get them the few things they really want and asked for is to much at all. It is way cheaper than what we end up spending most the time. I even was looking at things they asked for but nicer ones because I want to make sure it is going to last I budgeted so much for each one I spend a little more. They say no we really want this one when we are looking at them. I even said I like this one or think this one would last longer or better. They say no mom I want this one it is so cool or better because and name off the stuff it can do that the others can’t. Then they will say but I would really be happy with any of them if you got me one and it was a different one. That’s just the one I thought was best. How can a fight with that?

My friend J and her hubby got them new sneakers last year. She told me today that sometime she was talking to my oldest. I guess she told her they were going to get them a pair of shoes or something. She said she asked her if it is the same price could I have a pair of boots instead of sneakers? She told her the ones my dad got her last year for her birthday were getting to tight but she really liked them. But only if it wasn’t going to be more than what she had planed to get.

No it isn’t about giving my kids everything they want or them having everything the way they want it. It’s about they are kids they have been through a rough time and if this year I can give them the little things they would like to have what’s wrong with that? Why wouldn’t you want to do that for your kids if you could? Not like they get a ton of stuff through the year. If they get stuff it’s used most the time and cost next to nothing or nothing. I shop for deals and find a lot.

In other news Father of the years dad text him and asked what the kids wanted for Christmas. This was a surprise because we have not heard from them in months like I think September was the last he heard from them. I asked the other day if they planed to get together or what because I might like to make some plans. He said no he hadn’t heard from them. By now they have wanted to know what the kids wanted for Christmas. So he text me and told me and asked me.

I told him they all three would love to have another tablet. The boys got broken with in weeks after Christmas and I didn’t have the money to fix or get new ones. My oldest hers broke the other day it won’t come on or do anything. I think she dropped it some how. You can pick them up really cheap too. Compared to how they spend most the time. They could get 3 of them for less than what they spend on one. Father of the year said something about my little bitty and if she would use one. I told him not to worry about it they wanted to know what the older kids wanted I’m sure. Last year they didn’t send her anything or anything for her birthday. Although his brother send her something for her birthday and I think for Christmas as well. She won’t know the difference she will get stuff form all of us and my family.

Later he text or called and said his dad said he ordered 4 and they should be delivered to our house by Wednesday. I was very shocked when he said that. I don’t want to hear they bought my kids stuff blah blah blah because that is just how they are. Or that I asked them to buy her something. He did it on his own a cord and if anyone says anything that is just what I am going to tell them too.

Heck last year they spend a lot on my oldest I would say close to $200 if not more. Then my oldest son they spent maybe $30 on and my little guy they spent $2 on. They don’t have to spend $200 on all 3 put together even. But how dose that look to the kids when you buy one this really big really nice gift and the other one got something that was just your average whatever and then the other gets something for like $2. I don’t see how people do that to kids. I don’t spend $1 for $1 on each one, but when they look at their stuff they aren’t going to go mom spent more on that one less on that one and nothing on me or less on me. They look around and think they got stuff that was comparable to what the others got as for quality and things.

90% of the time what they give them is above their level or to small for them. If you say something or ask about trading it for something they will use they get mad. It isn’t a big deal to me my kids will either play with it or toss it down and forget it. I just don’t want to see what they give them tossed around never played with because they didn’t understand it or it was to below where they are. But they don’t look at it that way. They look at  it like we are trying to control what they get and if it isn’t just what they asked for it needs to go back. That is so far from the truth,

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