Another Year Older

So yesterday 12/26 was my birthday. It was pretty much just another day, me and the kids. The kids being in really bad cranky whinning moods all day made it the greatest day ever. (Rolling eyes)

We slept in late went to a few stores then to my moms for dinner. By time we got home i sent the kids to bed and followed shortly after. Such an eventfull day. The kids are want to do a little party for me New years eve. I was going to go out but don’t really think I want too. I think I would like to go to dinner with some of the girls and something funny after maybe.

I hadn’t really thought about it till a few minutes ago but dang I’m another year older. I know it was my birthday but I dont know other than just being another day I hadnt really thought about it. I mean i knew I was but heck where did the time go? How did I become 34 already?

It seems like it was just my 20 th bday yesterday and I got the call about my grandma. She been sick had major heart attack October and had another one or two since. Last one left her out of it in the hospital for a while. She was still there Christmas. We woke up the next morning was getting ready to go see here when we got the call. It was 10:10 am they said she had passed a way just before that. I had been born 20 years before at 10:10 am. My mom said first thing she thought of when she seen the time of the call.

Instead of going to see her we made our way to her house where everyone was gathering. I remeber sitting in her dinning room floor in the corner and crying most the day. I remeber everyone coming and going all the phone calls and everyone just looking lost and unable to talk with out breaking down.

Grandma held the family together and always had a house full of kids. Its hard to blevie all them grand babies and great grands have grown up and having babies of their own. I think she has some great great grands at this point.

R.i.p grandma miss you every day. Wish you could see all these new babies we’ve all had. Boy are they sure missing out not getting to know you. You were the best.

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