{January 3, 2015}   Peeping Tom


Maybe to help explain things better a really bad diagram of my house and the streets around it. My house is the green and the it’s on a corner lot the white box is another house that is on a corner lot as well. all the space is yard between them. The street that runs between my house and the blue and brown house goes beside and behind my house. Down the side over there. so the blue house is across that street on the side of my house.

Tuesday father of the year called when he got to work and said he thought the man in the blue house was trying to wave him down and stop him when he left for work. But he didn’t stop he only had a few minutes to be at work. As always he was running late. He wasn’t for sure he was or not. I just figured maybe he had a flat or needed a jump. I told him he could have told me I could have seen maybe helped. I have never talked to these people in the almost year that I have lived here. Their kids had come over a few times when we first moved in that’s it. I went on didn’t think anything of it.

Tuesdays we have a appointment so we went to it and got home about 4:30. The cops were at the blue house. They weren’t there long when I pulled up and left. We got home I told the kids to get the dogs all out to use the bathroom. I was standing in the yard they were all playing I was talking to someone. I wanted to make sure the puppies and the little ones didn’t get in the road it was busy out everyone coming home from work. In a minute I look up and the guy from the blue house is headed over to my house and waving for me to come over. I hung up the phone and walked over to the other side of the yard to talk to him.

He said Ma’ma I need to tell you something I tried to tell your husband this morning but he didn’t stop. I said ok what’s wrong? He said that man over there in that house was looking in your windows this morning. You need to know.

I was shocked I said what? What house?

He said that one there in front of you. Where the guy lives with his family.

He is talking about the peach house right in front of me. I said wait the Spanish guy? What one the dad?

He said yes but not the dad it’s the son. The dad is bigger the son is skinnier.

I have known the dad since I was my kids age. He is a really good friend of my family my grandpa. He use to come over all the time to his house and things. I talk to him now when I see him out there and things. I was still very shocked. I would have been shocked had he said it was anyone. To know someone is looking at you when your in your home.

He said this morning my wife had to be at work at 4 am. She left and I was feeling sick and wanted a black and mild. I had left them in the car. I went out to the car and got one and as I stood up from in the car I seen him. He came from his driveway walked across your yard and right to that window right there.

Pointing to where the black dot is on the front of the house.

He said I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I stood up and push the door closed so it wouldn’t make any sound. He said I stood there and watched him not believing this. He then went from the front window to the window on the side by me. (other black dot) He said when he did that I ran to get my phone and he stopped and turned around like he heard me. He said I head and watched him. He walked from your window out in the street in front of my house looked around at my house like he was trying to see if someone was out over here then walked down the street back to his house.

I stopped him asked him about what time it was and he said his wife had to be at work at 4 and it was around 5. He then said he got in the white truck over there and left. When he said that I knew when he was talking about. I was laying in my bed wide a wake still. I had laid there most the night playing on my phone. I couldn’t sleep I was still not feeling good. I had sleep most of the last two days.

I had been laying in my bed and I was facing the window in the front of the house my bed is right on that wall the head right beside the one on the side. I was laying there I rolled over as I rolled over a car came down the street. being on the corning and the way the house sits the lights shine in the windows from all different ways and make shadows all over. But when the car came by as I was rolling over I thought I seen like head and shoulders shadow on my window. I thought you should look see if something is out there. But I said no you look all the time it is just the lights in the dark, besides it is 5:30 am everyone is coming out to go to work and things no one is going to be out there. It looked kind of distorted bulky like. Then I heard the truck door slam really loud and the truck sat there and ran for a few minutes. I then got up and looked out because I thought they hit something that was what I heard not the door slamming. Well then I seen the white truck across the street at the peach house leave. I thought it was odd that truck never leaves. I mean never maybe a couple times in the year i have been here has it left and not that time of the morning. Well it seem like it wasn’t gone but a minute or two and it was back. About the time it came in I fell a sleep finally.

Well the guy from the blue house said that is when he was out there looking in your window. He said he left your window walked over got in the truck and left. He said the shadow looked bulky and funny because he had a jacket on. He said I wanted to come get a hold of him so bad but I was in my boxers. I didn’t have my phone or nothing on. I had just trying to slip to my car in the dark grab that and go back inside. He said I watched and watched for him to come back after that but the guys pulled up and picked him up for work. He said I couldn’t even sleep after that. He also told me that the people who use to live in the brown house told him when he moved in that there was a peeping tom and it was the son from the peach house. He said I been here a little while have talked to the dad and everything and never seen anything that would make me think that. He said until today and there he was.

I was so mad I gave him my number and told him to call me no matter what time night or day it is if he ever see’s him back out there. He said he would and that he was going to be watching because his wife leaves early a lot of mornings. He said I wanted to go jerk him up so bad I couldn’t.

I talked to father of the year and thought about it and I called the police and had them send someone out here to make a report. I told him them how I sit here a lot of nights and hear stuff and go out look don’t see anything. How some nights it is like they are sitting back and watching because no sooner than we go inside they are doing something again and things. He said call them every time I hear something. I told him I don’t because before when I have had trouble with someone messing around they come out and act like I’m crazy or just some women scared to stay by myself at night or hearing things. Because who ever it is is gone by the time they get here or hiding. The cop said no call that is what we are here for and if he is doing stuff out here then they see you are going to call and we are coming out here maybe that will make him stay a way too. I told him I wanted a report because if he comes back and someone dose something to him then I don’t want him to say we are picking on him he was just walking around or we started because he is Spanish or whatever else he may try to use. He was parked right on the street between my house and the peach house where the guy came from looking in my windows. The cop walked out to his truck I walked out there where they could hear me across the street since they decided to water their grass at 7 at night in the dark. I looked at the cop and said what if I see him looking in my window and shoot him?

The cop said I can’t give you legal advice but I can say it all comes down to how you feel when you see him out there. If your scared for your life. I said well if I look out see a man looking in my window I am here many many nights alone with 4 kids. I know he has no reason to be looking in my window and I have no idea what he plans to do from there I am not going to give him a chance to come in when I have 4 kids in here.

He said well you have to do what you have to do to keep you and your kids safe. How you would feel looking out seeing a man looking in your window is different than how he would feel. Talking about father of the year. He said how I would feel would be different than how he would feel. That’s what it all comes down to. I said ok because if he is caught here it isn’t going to be good for him at all. He said right now they can’t really charge him with much prowling. But if we see him again after the 2nd or 3 rd time it is considered stalking and it goes from nothing to a felony. I know he has already been here before because of what I hear outside in the night. Plus like the guy from the blue house said he went from his yard across yours and right to these two bedroom windows. Those are my windows. Regardless of who’s they are he knew what ones he was going to and that he didn’t want to go to the other. By my front window is another bedroom window where my oldest sleeps and by my side window is my boys windows. He didn’t want to look in them just the two that were mine.

I called my mom I was so mad. I was like do you know who is messing around my house? I told her it was coming from his house. But I didn’t think it was his son. Not that I thought it was the guy we knew but looking at the other guy I think he looks to old to be his son. The guy I know is probably in his 40’s don’t look like it. The guy they say is looking in the windows looks like he is older than that. He looks ruff like he has a drinking or drug problem. She called my grandpa why I was out talking to the police and the guy from the blue house again. When I came in she called me told me she had called him and talked to him. She said he told her it isn’t his son it is his wife’s brother his brother in law. The cop had said maybe saying something to the dad would put a stop to it because most the time they would handle it and didn’t put up with that kind of things. I told him no I wanted this guy caught because I wasn’t the only one he did this to and he needed to be stopped. My mom said my grandpa told her he stayed there and at the trailer park sometimes and that he goes back and forth to Guatamala as well. He said it wouldn’t do any good to go say something because the wife would freak out and take up for him say he didn’t do anything and all that. So I am just going to try and catch him. I want to get a camera and put out there. I will make a report any time I see him on it and once he gets enough time to get the most charges I will push it and make them go get him. Because if you are on camera they can arrest them.

I wonder if part of the time when I was younger and lived down the street here if it wasn’t him. They always ran down the street this way when they left there. We are not the only ones he has done this to if the other people knew he was doing it and they have lived there forever. Would love to be able to trace it back and show that it was him. That would so crazy if it was and here I move in right across from him. Just my luck. So now I can’t move out of state but I guess I am going to have to move when my lease if up to hopefully get a way from him. I shouldn’t have to move to get a way from him.

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[…] I forgot the lady from the office said she was coming to take a picture so she could send the owner and things. I talk to her earlier and told her I was sorry things were out there I was going to have a yard sale but I just hadn’t been able to really do much with everything that has happen that I just the last few weeks felt like I could function again half way normal. I got half way to the college and thought of her coming so I called her back. She said no I didn’t have to be here I asked her if she needed inside because of the dogs. She said no they aren’t complaining about the inside they aren’t looking in your windows thank goodness. I said oh the guy across the street dose. He seems to like what he can see at night. She said oh my that is creepy. I said yes we are trying to catch him. Got to love Peeping Tom. […]

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