I got a $100 gift card for Christmas of I am going to use the card to get things we need for the house and take the money I would have spent to replace the gift card. I had decided I wanted to take the money and get a tattoo.

I was going to get a anklet with a puzzle piece with birthstone colored stones for each of the kids on it. I think I want something a little different right now bigger maybe.

Then I decided to wait on that because I wanted to get something for my two little ones since I don’t have one for them yet. But I still have no idea what I want to get for them. I am still debating something together or one for each. I have one together for the two older ones. I just don’t feel it’s the right time to get one for them. That I should wait.

I decided I was going to wait until I got my divorce and get one then. I want to do something on my foot. I have been tossing around ideas. But as we all know I have time to think about it and decide.

After New Years day I decided I want get a tattoo for my dad. I have been thinking about what to get and came up with two ideas. I want to find someone who can draw to sketch them out for me so I can see how they would look.

The first idea I had was to get angel wings in the shape of a ribbon like a cancer ribbon. With the loop shaped like a heart and in the color of the cancer he has his name and date on it.

Me and my dad use to collect coins together, I haven’t messed with it in a while and he has continued over the years. I was thinking of getting a coin maybe the size of a half dollar. Make it a bicentennial just put the year of his birth on it. Thinking I think I will do a quarter not half dollar. My dad use to have quarters on his key ring one with each of our birth year on it. I hadn’t thought of that in a long time and just thought of it as I write this. I still like to get them both sketched out and see how they would look. I have to decide where I want to get it as well. I think I will go get it this week when father of the year is off.

I don’t even know if I will show it to him. He isn’t crazy about tattoos and really don’t like them on women. But I really like them and think it will help me get thought all this. I can go back later and have the other year put on it.


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Debate

  1. Hi, don’t know if have got the tattoo already but I would say yes definitely get it. End of the day the tat has alot of meaning to it, like alot of them should really, its not like you have decided randomly on a design and got it 🙂 regards the parent issue I would say still go for it, its down to the generation gap etc

    If you take comfort in the tattoo and its meaning do it 🙂 don’t know if its helped but all the best

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