My silly little boy got a new home today. Yesterday after I posted that we were thinking about re-homing two of them a really good friend sent me a message. She wanted to know if we were going to be keeping all our pups if I had any boys and how old they were. I told her with everything going on we had really been talking about getting them a new home. I told her I would talk to the kids and father of the year and see what they thought.  I wouldn’t even had thought twice about it but I knew she would give him such a good home. Same as if we kept him. I have known her for years and seen how her other dogs she had were treated.

I talked to father of the year and the kids and they thought that if he was going to a good home we should go ahead and let him go. If we said no we were going to keep him and then couldn’t in a few weeks or days they would have already found a pup and we wouldn’t know what kind of home he would be going to.

It was like a sign from god she asked about them just when we had been talking about it the last few days.


He is a sweet little guy but he was a little nippy with the baby I was kind of worried about too. I know it being the only male trying to be the dominant one with all sisters and her being a girl too. It’s like he is still in the family because my friend is like family and we can still see him. I told her if anything ever happen she couldn’t keep him to bring him back to me. This way I can find him another good home or watch him until she can get him back. He should love his new home she said someone is always there so he won’t be lonely.

I gave her the chain and collar I got him yesterday and one of the blankets that I stick in the cage or bathroom for them to sleep on. Figure it help him not feel so alone now that he isn’t with him sisters and mom.

sillypuppy1They are my silly little puppies. Him, his sister Sprite and mom. My little guy got a little upset when he went but I explain to him that we are only supposed to have so many animals that they could make us leave. Or they could call and they could take them a way and put them in doggy jail and we wouldn’t be able to get them back or know what homes they went to or get them a nice good home. So why we can do all that we need to do it for them because with all the changes we really can’t take care of them train them like they need to be. My little bitty is so cute we take them out and come in she stands there and says puppy and reaches for the door moves her hand around. I just tell her no he isn’t out there he went to a new home. She looks funny and goes on.


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