We can see the light at the end of the cast. They have called a few times to set a time up to come in and get it x rayed and hopefully off. I missed the call and when I called back they said the nurse has to set it up she would call back. Some how I missed her again. She said she had him set for 1 on the 4th but we have OT for both boys that day starting at 3. She had others but we don’t get done till 4 they are closed. She looked and said the doctor would be there on Friday as well so we are going at 2:15.

By then it will be closer to 4 weeks he will have had it one. He got it on Sunday so two days from being 4 weeks. I think I feel better waiting a little longer. The ot said that it would take probably another 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal. Once the cast is off and the orthopaedic says he can start using it and gives orders what he can and can’t do then the ot will start working with him. To get full use of it back and strength built up in it. I am so glad she can do it and hope that they orthopaedic is ok with her doing it and not want us to go to a physical therapist. If he is ok with with the OT doing it then she will come to us like she dose for my older one. If not that will ad another appointment to our week and take up more time we could be doing school once we get all set up. I think they should be fine with it they do the same kinds of things it’s just in what they are called for billing and insurance reasons for the most part.


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