I am editing to ad pictures from our trip. I published instead of saving so I didn’t get the pictures on. I had to get them off my phone. So here goes.


Father of the year families having a big reunion birthday party for his grandma’s 90 th birthday this weekend. They were all going to Kennedy Space Center to check it out. Most of them live out of state so I guess they thought it would be fun. My boys begged me to go. I was worried about my little guy and his arm too so I went ahead and went with them. Well I asked father of the year for what time they were meeting and everything for 3 days and he never got it. My oldest was at my moms so we had to pick her up once he got home from work and got ready. We ended up being almost 30 minutes late. His dad loved that. He said something about it why we were waiting for farther of the year to get out of the bathroom once we found them. I just looked at him and said well I asked for days what time everyone was meeting and what was going on for the day so they could be here on time, but he never told me until last night late and he couldn’t even tell me if he had the day off for sure or not. So I left it up to him to take care of and my big girl stayed the night about 20 minutes a way she had to be picked up before we came. He just looked and didn’t say anything.


His dad is all talking about this bus thing we are going to miss because we are late and blah blah. We get back there it leaves every 15 minutes. In the meantime we are walking by all this other stuff the kids are wanting to see we can’t stop because everyone is rushing to the bus. I think it is going to go around show us a few things and be back in a little bit they have one that leaves every 15 minutes your only gone 15. Bot was I wrong! We get on the bus and they start to leave the guy says hi I’m so and so and I will be your tour guide for the next 3 HOURS. I thought at first he was joking then quickly realised he wasn’t. They took us out to the Air Force museum thing and we walked around out there for about 45 minutes. The kids got something in the gift shop.

CAM06522From there they took us out to where one of the rockets or what caught fire and they lost CAM065133 people. I was surprised to see it just kind of this ran down area with three little benches that one of the people on boards friends donated.CAM06515 I would CAM06514think that with what happen it would have been kept up and a nice area with a memorial set up. It was just left ran down and nothing used or messed with any more or even open for you to go in and see. He said the blue stuff is weed killer don’t get in it they are going to have a thing here in a few weeks to remember it and they want it to look nice. I thought they need to do more than kill a few weeds to make it look nice. But I didn’t. CAM06512

My oldest took the pictures of the bench and things. She didn’t take a picture of the lunch pad. My little bitty was sleeping and they were just giving time to get off take a picture and get back on. I let her jump off and get a few she wanted. They told us you can’t take picture of the active lunch pad or they could make you erase them. I think she thought you couldn’t take pictures of that one.

CAM06469-1They said that Kennedy sat here when this was a active rocket launching site just 6 days before he was killed. The kids thought it was great they got to push the buttons and make the fake rocket go up.

They stopped at a few place would say miles down that road there is this or that or this happened such and such time. You couldn’t even see what they were talking about. Then they took us out to the Apollo something or other. They showed a couple fast movies and then you walked around seen a few things and shopped all the gift shops. By the time we got back up to the front where there was some things the kids would like to check out they were all ready to go. I don’t know why they asked him to come bring the kids. All the rest didn’t even bring their other halves or kids down with them much less out there to ride a bus for 3 hours. But I was impressed the kids did really good. My little guy complained a few times and showed his butt some. But he has been whinny and things since he broke his arm. I got onto him and put a stop to it before it got out of hand. My little bitty took a nap on the bus so she was pretty good as well. My big boy loved it because he is all into that kind of thing. My oldest said it was cool but I think she felt like I did we could have stayed home and not felt like we missed out on anything. It was nice I guess to do as a family.

One thing I did learn that I found interesting and not sure how I feel about was the two space shuttles that blew up. He said the Challenger is in two big missile silo’s under the ground out there. He said they are locked up out there so that no one can get to them and try to dig them up later. The Columbia is on the 16 th floor of the VAB locked up. Well I should say parts of the Columbia are on the 16 th floor some of them are stored else where according to the computer. But they don’t tell you that. Or that two more big parts of the Challenger washed up on the beach in FL or where they store that.challenger7

It just amazes me all the secrets they keep or lies they tell what you so choose to call it. The fact that we have had two big tragedies like this and they knew pretty much that both could happen or were likely to happen and refused to try to prevent it. The first one they knew the o-rings were compromise in such cold temps. But still insisted on sending it any way. The Columbia they knew it had been hit and damaged but did not look into it more. Because in their words there was nothing they could do about it up there anyway. Why couldn’t they have left them on the space station and sent another shuttle up to get them or brought them down some other way? Then worried about if or how to get the shuttle back. So if they brought it back and it blew up or they let it go and it was just floating around out there they lost some money. At least we wouldn’t have lost all the lives with it. I don’t know all the ins and outs of it all. But even if we couldn’t have sent a shuttle up for some reason to get them the Russians take people up and down all the time I am sure they could have gotten them back safe. But instead we ignore it and hope that it will be ok or take that chance it will be ok and put all our crew on it and bring it home. The Apollo 1 that caught fire and burned up the three guys inside right on the launch pad when they were just testing for take off in a few days. They don’t even put up a decent memorial for them or keep the launch pad it happen nice. Like I said above it is just there like it is nothing more than any other building or pad that is ready to be tore down or just sitting unused.

All for what to just be able to say they were the first ones to do X, Y or Z. So what? Why do we need to go to the moon? Why do we need to have man in space? Why do we need to go send people to live in this space station? I think we need to have some of the space stuff like rockets to send satellites and things up into space. But as for having people living up there or going to the moon just to go there is no reason and a HUGE waste of money. If god wanted us to live in space and there to be life up there and us to interact with each other if there was other life out there I think he would have let us know and would have gave us a way to do it. Without going through all this losing so many lives and spending so much money on it. I don’t think he would want it to be so hush hush and top secrete as they try to keep it and make it all out to be. I also think that they are starting to see that there isn’t nothing great up there it isn’t no big deal and has pretty much been a waste of time as well. Because if they hadn’t they would not be ok with letting these commercial companies come in and start building these new crafts and things that they are going to lunch and be building things to take your average person into space if they have the money and want to pay and go. If it was all it was made out to be and such a great thing and so much that could be done they would be wanting to keep it all under wraps and get everyone all into wanting to know about it and things like they would with going to the moon and launching the space shuttle. Like the guy said why haven’t we made more trips back to the moon? Because the public got board with it. They lost interest we went we got there. After a while what’s the big deal. The shuttle to me is kind of the same way. You seen one in the day you see one at night what’s left to see.

Here are the poor little monkeys that were the first ones to be shot up into space because why not they are just animals. So wrong. Just like testing anything else on animals.  monkey1

I remember being a kid and going outside to watch the shuttle go up. It was kind of neat this huge thing you could see from miles and miles a way shoot up into the sky and feel shake the ground under your feet. To see it light the sky up at night was. But back then the space shuttle was the big new thing. Heck I was only 3 1/2 months old when they launched the first shuttle ever. I had just turned 6 a month before the first one blew up. I was in SC at the time. My dad had gotten a job transfer and we moved. I don’t remember seeing it on tv or really anything around it. I just remember everyone talking about it. My mom talking to the people who lived around us talking about it because it happen in our families backyards and if we hadn’t moved not long before that we would have probably seen it happen as well.

Then I am informed when we are at the last stop on the bus tour that we are all supposed to go back to his aunt and uncles house who didn’t even come and have a cook out in the cold. It wasn’t to bad his grandma was there I sat with her and talk to her and his brother. I like his brother he is nice its just his wife that is something else and has tried to cause problems. He didn’t bring her not sure why. Not sure why none of them seem to bring their other half with them. His aunt and uncle had their two little grand kids there. They are my little guys age and my little bitty’s age. The boys are both 4 and the girls are a month apart almost 2. They got to meet and play together because they live across the state and we never see them. Really he never sees his side of the family hardly at all. Maybe 2 times a year for holiday or birthday.

My family don’t get together like we use to. We use to get together every Sunday for dinner at my grandma’s and we would get together for holidays and all the time seeing each other. Dinners stopped a long time ago and holidays don’t include everyone it use to. But I still hear from my mom and dad at least 5 or 6 times a week sometimes every day and I see them about once a week or two. My mom not as much maybe but I still talk to her a couple times a week and see her a couple times a month.


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